FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY and No Touch Torture Log for February, 2021

NOTICE:: These notes are for a book i am writing.  Please do not judge me by these notes, because I have education and experience in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer science.  You may have never heard of Directed Energy Weapons and that is fine, But I have researched them and am familiar with them.  These notes are in my shorthand and are technical in nature.  You cannot make generalizations about me from these notes.   I must warn you about making generalizations which result in legal rulings.  I will take legal action if necessary to clear any encumbrances on my name and person, legal or otherwise.  I am optimistic, just as alexander Solzhenitsyn was optimistic back in the old Soviet Union where dissent was punished by weaponized psychiatry. I will rise above the apparent retaliation by the intelligence community (IC).  It will be found that the IC, that is FBI CIA etc. are using surveillance tracking radar on activists.  These agencies are not on the side of the people and it is fact that at the very top of it are globalists who are making the decisions to collapse society, cause famines and destabilize society.  Bear in mind that their plans include depopulation by 90%.  It includes removal from the wild lands and ushering into a mega city wo the populous can be tracked traced and data based.  There will be no need to forcibly move people to the city, since they will be burned out of their homes and will have no recourses.

The World Economic Forum tells of the next crisis to befall America after the Covid pandemic is told to be a CYBER PANDEMIC, which will be a large scale outage of the electrical grid or an economic disaster or both  It is claimed by Klaus Schwab to be Bigger than Covid and more Immediate.  Those awake, hear the call for crisis violence but most of the world is blind to it.

If I didnt have training in electronics and biology and computer science, I might wonder why my skin feels as though sound waves are flowing over my skin but I do have the training and it tells me that this is similar to what happened in China and Cuba called the HAVANA SYNDOME, where US diplomats were overcome and injured by Extremely Low Frequency radiation.

Feb. 2, 2021

contractors screw with nerves via Extremely Low Frequency and this is because people who ought to know better are acquiescing and making a call for the greater good and telling me I dont know what I am talking about.  In effect they are gaslighting me to molyfy me so that I will not rock the boat.   So to that I say that the boat is already rocked to the point that it is sinking.  People who acquiesce are the reason America is destabilized and now many mainstays of life are failing.  What the people who just want to go along to get along I say you are COWARDS and Traitors to ignore the fact that our Food supply is compromised, our air is compromised by Geoengineering and the people are being attacked by secret PSYCHOLOGICAL Mind Control.  Let me ask you who should know better if you realize that you are being killed too?  You must think that THE GOVERNMENT WOULD NOT HURT US even though you know its a lie.  I am not going to aquiece until I have taken my last breath.  America and Americans are at that point in history where we are transitioning from thriving civilization OVER to a civilization in decline.  We collectively know something is going on but most still want to hang on to normalcy.  I dont blame folks for trying to hang on you are in effect REARANGING THE DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC.

Thursday, Feb. 3, 2021
2:56am Thu. My abdomen is painful and in discomfort due to my colon being inflamed via DEW from the FBI contractor.  This is like the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment because that was softkill research too.  My colon extends outside of my anus and there is anal leakage and very malodorus due to the DEW beam left on the colon and contents all day.  This is to cause indigestion and SIMULATED COLON DISEASE, so this affliction can be rolled out to the public.

Check this Breitbart article to see where we are now.
Polish Government to Breitbart: Big Tech’s ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Bolshevik Communism, Not Democratic.  Poland understands this since it is where they came from.

Thursday 2/4/2021
7:28pm Thu. FBI contractors are hurting me by aiming Extremely Low Frequency Energy directly into my brain and my face.  This is horendous torture which causes great discomfort because it fatigues the facial muscles and causes the muscles to become contorted into a hideous facial mask unlike what is normal   Eventually the muscles throb and ache and nothing can shake it off.  This ELF energy quickly drains the LIFE FORCE energy of the target so that tit competes for energy with the energy necessary to sustain their body.
YOU MAY WONDER WHY THE CONTRACTORS DO SUCH MEAN AND PAINFUL TORTURES.  IS THEIR SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEIR BRAINS?  Answer:::  I believe most of the Torturers were near normal when they began torturing but the become complacent to hurting people and ignore the calls for empathy so they are just doing their job.  Also I have asked many targets and the consensus is that the contractors are supposed to torture the targets all day as they watch a THERMAL Image of them on their lap top as they guide a RADAR beam into position to do their dirty work..  They slowly but surely become numb to the human condition.  I am losing hope for getting out of this predicament.  These contractors are very immature and seem to be more resemblant of GOLLUMIZED TROLLS who aree forever turned into HUSKS or fully formed adults but they are now, but their brains have devolved leaving them effectively MORONS.

The TORTURE Contractors become CRIMINALLY INSANE which is a label given to professional criminals who are so used to hurting people that they are incapable of living amongst normal people and must be warehoused and isolated inside institutions.

February 5, 2021 Friday

2:22am  I am sitting at my computer marveling at a Corbett Report video on how WWI was engineered for profit by a secret society.

The WW1 Conspiracy (Full Documentary | 2018)

I am amazed at how the war was engineered just like wars are today.  Where I sit, My abdomen area aches via DEWs from weaponized drones I believe.  I can block it with some hand held shielding, for a few seconds but the weapon quickly adjusts the beam to bypass my shielding as it always does.  I would say there is no way this can be beaten, but now I see that people are waking up to all the corruption.   All of the malignant conspirators are showing what they are doing and giving themselves away.  There seems to be no end of Traitors and no end of those who would expose them.  People are learning that all levels of Traitors from within are doing their best to take over America.  But they are of very low intelligence and as is usually the case of criminals doing their thing, they just keep on doing what they do and assuming their plan will go on uninterrupted.  But the people are drinking it all in and realizing that yes, there are indeed traitors doing their best to destroy America for the globalists.  

Like I talked about yesterday, my colon is radiated so that it is inflamed to cause Colon disease symptoms.  Others in our group have died of SEPSIS, the contractors are just winging it and are just following orders.  The contractors are giving themselves away to be goons and thugs who will kill for their boss and I am showing everything to the world, just like others like me.

4:00an approximately   people should not be surprised that ELF energy can drain your life force energy to the point that you are no longer able to maintain your bodily integrity and sustain your own life.  if it happens, you will feel as if you are going to die…

2/9/21 Tuesday
The worst thing about targeting human trafficking victims is that they continuously and cruely hammer at the brain with directed energy, making it impossible to think and feel like a human being.  It feels as though a big claw has your brain in a death grip.  This contractor always does something to make this target feel bad.

4:31pm I am noticing that i am unable to speak and enunciate clearly.  I have been noticing that I can no longer enunciate the letter S or C sound.  This is not all of a sudden, it is over 2 or 3 months time.  Every day i have damage from DEWs which cause me difficulty in thinking.  This damage is due to DEWS from a FBI contractor and not anything which I have control over.  It is my belief that this contractor is causing brain damage to me.  The only thing I am certain of is that I am unable to enunciate the S sound and I believe that there has been brain research to map the brain and if the dqamage I am talking about could be done precisely with DEWs, then I need to find out if it is being done.  A possible scenario is that the contractor hears what I am saying and then uses that in real time to cause damage so that a predefined resultant damage can be obtained and so they keep damaging the brain until they are satisfied with the damage they have caused.

2/14/2021 Sunday   It is my opinion that the torture of millions of people under Intelligence agency control will come out this year.  It is a horrendous abuse of people on a grand scale.  The participants think they are helping the government, but in reality they are useful idiots, helping the new world order aided by the intelligence community in the US.

Millions of citizens are being tortured to death by FBI contractors under guidance by the FBI Fusions centers.  The police, Judges, mental health personnel have all heard about this and all agree enmass that the people are crazy because they have had a long run with it.  Now however it is getting long in the tooth to believe that millions of Americans could all have the same delusion, that is believing that they are being tortured by electromagnetic energy, from places like NEXT DOOR.  But little do the people know that it is true and it is for National Security. But national Security you say?  How could all of that be for National Security? It seems odd because it in reality is a scam which uses National Security as a cover to avoid unanswerable questions about human experimentation and TORTURE.  This is because the FBI is keeping BIO MEDICAL SLAVES for the Corporations!  The FBI hires an army local people to do their dirty work.  Now the locals are getting very afraid as though something will change and all of this will be dumped on them and there will be no one to take the blame except the locals.  Sure, they think there will be anonymity in numbers which would shift the blame from them, but the fact is that this is eerily similar to  what happened to Hitler’s Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.  The locals I mentioned seem to be involved in murdering people in a heinous and barbarous way using torture with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).  It seems like the takeover is going well but the people are noticing that people are dying and it does seem a bit sadistic in nature, because what is the point.  The locals want someone, perhaps a high ranking FBI agent to assure them that IT WILL BE OKAY.  But it seems like IT WILL NOT BE OKAY, because National security is being used to hide TORTURE MURDER and the locals are guilty of murder and Genocide, in a manor that is more modern with technology but it is still very much like 1930’s Germany and it is still MURDER and TORTURE.  The locals should talk about it and they will come up with the fact they are doing it and it is their job, just like the people who managed the Death camps.  The locals were chosen for their less than average intelligence as were the Nazis and they collectively have only one explanation and that is:  WE ARE JUST DOING OUR JOB.  This is the same excuse the Nazis gave in 1945.  It wasn’t okay then and it will not be good enough now.  The locals who are participating in genocide will be rounded up and tried for WAR CRIMES.  Also, anyone who assists them in subduing people will also be tried for war crimes.  I am referring to Law Enforcement, thee judiciary, Mental Health personnel, etc who have been used to keep the people who are being tortured, in line.  People all over the country are prisoners in their own home and now someone orders a mental evaluation which they believe will absolve them of guilt.  However, they know what is happening and if it can be proven that they knew about it in advance, then they are guilty of war crimes too.

National security is being used to hide TORTURE MURDER and the locals are guilty of murder and Genocide. This is done in a manor that is more modern with technology but it is still very much like 1930’s Germany and it is still MURDER and TORTURE.  The locals should talk about it and they will come up with the fact they are doing it and it is their job, just like the people who managed the Death camps.  The locals were chosen for their less than average intelligence as were the Nazis and they collectively have only one explanation and that is:  WE ARE JUST DOING OUR JOB.  This is the same excuse the Nazis gave in 1945.  It wasn’t okay then and it will not be good enough now.  I am seeing though, that the Torturers are steadfast in their resolve to just do their job following orders, which  I can tell because they are not bothered by my talking about it.




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