I am a target of the FBI and FUSION Center in Oregon. I must be squeaky clean or I will be turned in for any infraction found. These Traitorous people will make stuff up in an effort to stop me from posting on social media. I actually think they have an altruistic motive at first which is to help the country but they somehow turn into STATISTS will target to bring non Government Compliant people by whatever means necessary.. There are National Security Intelligence officers for the FBI and Terrorism Liaison officers come to talk to the neighbors of a target to offer them money and expensive gifts to WATCH you … ACTUALLY, THEY TELL NEIGHBORS THAT WE NEED TO BE WATCHED. They get financially compensated for what they do so dont be surprised when it happens, because it isnt personal, it is just money and it is their income now. They operate from Neighborhood Watch Groups with military efficiency. They will defame you around your neighborhood by telling lies about you which comes from guidance they get from the Fusion Center, because if your website is waking people up, you are considered a threat and will be tracked as a THREAT by teh fusion center..
. i just heard you say the traitor who turned you in is local and that fits the profile. It is exactly the kind of harassment I am facing.. The Terrorism Liaison officers pay local people to watch a TERROR target of which we are TERRORISTS, so they can find things that will hurt the targets, often financially or psychologically, or how ever they can. Your channel and you are successful at waking people up and the GOVT cant have that. Check out TERRORISM LIAISON OFFICER website is https://TLO.ORG and you will see what these people are about. They are operating and being well paid under National Security GOVERNMENT contracts to take you and others like you down and keep you quiet and they are serious about it. People must come to grips with how evil these people are. A group of towns people confront these Traitors to ask them to stop in the name of peace, but dont do it individually. The FBI Fusion centers in America do this to targets who are making a difference. We dont usually find out who find out who the traitor is because the system covers for itself. They pay the USEFUL IDIOT Contractors a lot of money, TAX FREE and give them expensive Tax Free gifts like a new pick up truck or Recreational vehicles especially if they are adjacent to the target so they can watch you better. One give away would be the uncharacteristic vehicle purchase or expensive home improvements.