Are 75 Million Trump Supporters, Veterans and Video Content Creators The New Terrorists or is The FBI And Millions of SECRET SPY Henchmen Contractors The Real Terrorists

There is a battle going on where people being hit with Directed Energy (DEW) at Embassies all over the world while the CIA is doing their best to obfuscate the problem while they are expected to help.  This has been going on for 5 years and Lawmakers are getting angry at the CIA as they try to pretend there is nothing wrong.

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FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY and Event Log for August, 2021

Dr McCullough is bravely standing up ahead of his colleagues to tell how the vaccine is 98% GRAPHENE and how it will setup those who get the vaccine to mass death.  Basically the globalists want a vaccine in every arm.  What will they (GLOBALISTS) do when that happens and what if it docent happen?  Also, as a matter of national security for the People of America, we must STOP THE VACCINE SHOTS NOW.

Bill Binney, The Former NSA Techiical Director is now a Targeted Individual, because he chose to do the right and honorable thing. In other words Bill Binney chose not to go along with the Globalists, that is the FBI. and the rest of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

America has already fallen will continue to exhibit attributes of a COMMUNIST Police State.

Dr Peter McCullough says that COVID is all about the VACCINE. You might wonder why the Vaccine its so important to the Globalists to get the Vaccine into your arm. .

The truth will be easier to understand if you put yourself in the globalists position and realize they want to DEPOPULATE 90% of the people. Now, what they are doing makes perfect sense!  Now you can see that COVID was an engineered disease to usher in a VACCINE  as a solution.

  • REACTION Put The People  In A State Of FEAR so they beg for a solution

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