FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY and Event Log for JULY, 2021

This message is for the Sheriff and the District Attorney of Currie County. I am trying something new so please read my current plan.  I want to say that We – all good and honest Americans have been betrayed and made fools of by our Government and by this time, it should be painfully apparent.
If there was a turning point in this SHOW it is today that Shawn Hannity talks about DEFUNDING HOMELAND SECURITY


HOW DISASTEROUS IS BIDEN and his administration.

Now that the Globalist Cabal has brought the Pandemic down on the people and it has been shown they want to destroy America, it is becoming increasingly apparent the military industrial complex is waging war on the people of America.  I must tell everyone in Port Orford Oregon something of
great importance since and because I have the insight of being a TARGET OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.  The reason
they are doing this to me is because I am an activist who is telling people the truth.

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