The people must wake up because the STATE is now committed to full take over of America and the world

My name is James F Lico and I have a bachelors in Computer Science and an associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and an associate in Biology, which I tell here because I am going to talk about a controversial subject (counter narrative). Maybe some others would talk bs about this but I am for the most part right on target, but if you dont agree, then call me out on it. Take note that when talking about neighbors I mean neighbors in general of TI’s everywhere during the time this targeting has been done to people and that is a lot of neighbors over a long period of time and is not singling out anyone.


How could anyone give an experimental vaccine to a child?  This is child abuse and only a fully informed volunteer should take an experimental vaccine.  The child was virtually immune to the disease.  You people need to wake the fuck up! You are allowing healthy children to be gunnea pigs to test their vaccine POISON.

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President Barak Obama’s Commission for the Study of BIOETHICAL Issues shows that New Major Medical Ethics Violations Persist To This Day And In Fact Have Never Subsided

President Barak Obama’s Commission for the study of bioethical issues had a distinct purpose and that was to prove that the dark past where innocent people were used as test subjects for illegal and unethical human experimentation would not happen again. Look at the banner headline on CNN News Anchor Ali Velshi’s desk.

Ali States:: “The biggest violations of medical ethics ever perpetrated on US citizens”.  The Commission was supposed to make sure the medical ethics violations never happened again.
and this week medical experts are meeting to make sure something like this never happens again and leading that effort is Dr, Amy Guttmann, President of University of Pennsylvania. The commission showed a lot of promise as it started with big names and a big purpose.  But the effort fell on its face because of the disingenuousness of Dr. Amy Guttmann and others in the Bioethics Commission.  They were supposed to “MAKE SURE THE RAMPANT MEDICAL ETHICS VIOLATIONS OF THE PAST DID NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.  But the medical ethics violations started up right out of the starting gate.  Doctor John Hall, Author Allen Hornblum and Professor Gerald Schatz site ongoing egregious violations of medical ethics and they are never addressed by Dr Guttman.  Then Many sufferers of radiation from Energy Weapons stand up and tell their stories only to be echo’s in the darkness shed by Dr Amy Guttmanns Bioethics Commission which is a sham and fraud of a commission perpetrated on the American public.

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