Patriot James F Lico Was Indicted To Show Cause (Yet Again) Why He Should Not Go To Jail For Mentioning His Neighbors On His Website. Or #LAWFARE IS LIKE WARFARE TO Department Of Just-US

CONSIDER: Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights against a Government Agency?

Historically, you cannot successfully defend your rights, nor your neighbor’s rights, if you STAND ALONE.
You must unite with your neighbors, organize yourselves and prepare for WHEN those that believe they have the right to take control of your property, your children, even your body, come to force their will upon you.  WHEN they come, if you are united with your neighbors, you will be able to stand side by side each other and say, NO WAY. You will be able to successfully defend yourself, your family and your neighbors against those that would forcefully take what does not belong to them.

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Transhumanism or advancing neuroscience with NEUROTECHnology and NEUROFREQUENCIES

Dr James Giordano is a Bioethicist and a Neuro scientist.  This has made possible
the merging of eugenics with Bioethics.

TRADOC Mad Scientist 2017 Georgetown: Neurotechnology in National Defense w/ Dr. Giordano
This is on Transhumanism or advancing neuroscience with Neurotechnology


What I want to get across to you  is that your government wants to access and control people and I mean you via electromagnetic frequencies.  There already exists the capability for that control.

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James F Lico asks Who is really behind the Lockdowns and destruction of America? Also, How Is The Intelligence Community Involved?

The Intelligence community knows that Directed Energy Weapons are Coming Out into the public sphere and they want to head off the BLOWBACK (CIA term for anger and outrage of a people who have been duped and made fools of so a few greedy people could benefit from steeling their stuff).  The Intelligence Community has been Torturing and Killing people with Directed Energy Weapons since the 70’s at least and then calling their victims crazy to further subjugate them.

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Radar Surveillance Tracking — Some Folks Are Tracked a little And Then Other Folks Are Tracked A Lot More

To the average observer, there is an ongoing neighbor dispute between three adjacent neighbors where my fiancé Donna and I bought a house in this neighborhood at 92800 Mill Pond Road, Port Orford Oregon 97465.  I am retired from working as a computer systems administrator for a school district and I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and associate degrees in each of Electronics Engineering Technology and Biology.  I came to this rural area to retire in an area away from the complications and now the dangers of city life.

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