Political Targeted Individual (Activism)

10374466_694512287250536_7998116251855587159_nLawmakers, police, civil service, county workers etc. surprisingly may already know about this targeting crime but are keeping quiet about it because they are afraid or because they are involved. They will not acknowledge what is happening to targeted individuals (TI).  Explaining it to them is useful but does no good in getting the media to report on it.  Therefore we need to think of ways to break through the barrier to recognition.  An important thing to remember is that you need to keep escalating the message to the next level of being in their face.  It gets boring if you keep your message at the same level.  Increasing the level of urgency says, I am not going away and will keep promoting my message no matter what happens.

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A DIRECTIONAL METER On Your Android SmartPhone

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How To Use An Android Smart Phone or Tablet As A Meter

I am using my  Android based Samsung Galaxy as a directional meter. I downloaded the software for free. most of the Android smartphones have the three (X, Y and Z) EMF sensors necessary to for the software to work.  You will have to check to make sure yours does.

EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Force and the meter measures this energy of an EMF.  This means there are three separate and distinct emf sensors.  The X sensor is horizontal, Y is vertical and Z is diagonal.  The reasoning behind this is that three sensors in separate planes give a more meaningful reading.  Your smartphone is a computer and as such has the capability to be programmed to be a meter or anything else that a computer is capable of doing.  A directional meter is one which only responds in a distinct way when pointing pointing at the signal source.  This is an important concept and it means that a directional meter will literally point out the location of the transmitter. 

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Chemical Electrolyte Dosing Of Targets And What To Do About It

chemicals2I had to do a major rewrite of my chemical article, so I will re post it. Some of what I have posted is more or less threatening to the handler psychopaths and above. They feel most threatened by things that are not only truthful, but especially by truths which can be understood by a large amount of people. I became aware of this chemical electrolyte about 3 years ago and have written up an article describing everything I know about it so that I can give out the link rather than explain it each time. I went public with this about the same time I went public with my directional android meter discovery, which is another breakthrough. I think I have been too low key in explaining what I am telling you. If everyone had this knowledge and we refined it, we would be able to force the major media to notice, if only from a toxicity aspect.

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