The CIA Term BLOWBACK, What Does It Mean For The PMC Torturers Of Targeted Individuals

The BLOWBACK SYNDROME: Oil Wars and Overreach
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For times like this, when there might be unintended public reaction to the CIA’s interferences in others private affairs. The Private Military Contractors (PMC) Handlers of Targeted Individuals are set up for this Blowback syndrome. Soon enough the time will come when this psychopathic program of torturing the American Citizens will probably come to an end.

Rarely have wars and conflicts of this type lasted more than 10 or 15 years before the people get fed up and put a dead stop to it in the form of a passive revolt. This war is right on schedule. In the slim chance the Private Contractor Handlers get immunity for torturing and murdering American Citizens, they would surely lose in the court of public opinion. The normal people will think psychopaths are just too scary in light of pain and death they have just caused, to allow them to remain among the normal people. Everyone who participated in torture will have to be taken into protective custody for the greater good and relocated to FEMA camps for the time being. Their fate will be decided later.

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