handler has been microwaving me all day so far.  The one today and yesterday  are either sadistic or have been told to kill me.
The people directly below me are participating in the microwaving.  There is at least two sources of microwaves.  There is the one from a cell phone tower or satellite and the one from the people in apt. 36A.  There is possibly another or third source in the ceiling of the east bedroom.  The microwaving has been constant however.  There is nothing I can do about it.  If I call the police, they will have me committed.  I have learned not to call the police unless I have something tangible..  The handler would turn off the microwave sources if I called someone, leaving me looking foolish.

I will wait and see what I can do.  The handler is reading this so I have nothing to do but wait and the handler knows that.

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