• Techno Crime Fighters Forum Episode 2 on World Beyond Belief

    This is the video to watch first. You will see how multiple levels of Government and Corporations, from judges and local government down through police, sheriffs and storeKeepers have agreed to EXTERMINATE Targets on the KIILL LISTS. Oh they get lots of Blood Money and the Military Security Complex reeps obscene profits which is really Corporate Welfare isnt it? This really is all about the money though isnt it and the supposed terrorists are expendable and you shouldnt worry. Their motto is "KEEP THE PROBLEM GOING SO THE MONEY KEEPS FLOWING".
  • Death Squads Operate In Your Neighborrhood under cover of NeighborhoodWatch

    Death Squads Operate In Your Neighborhood under cover of NeighborhoodWatch groups. They are Private Govt. Military Contractors. They may tell you there is a TI Terrorist who needs to be watched. They are lying, It is a FALSE FLAG Operation. The target is innocent and is being Human Trafficked by the MERCS and is essentially a slave. They ask people to host an electronics box in their house. They may as well ask for the JUDAS neighbor, because the box is;
    * for mind control and psychological as well as physical torture
    * for surveillance of all neighbors not just an innocent TI.
    * This box allows total surveillance and total control and is a tool of genocide
    This second by second surveillance is a Psychological Operation (SYOPS) to clandestinely and covertly take down our Neighborhoods and in effect our whole Civil Society. It is working GOD Needs Your Help. I am telling you this because I know as a victim knows. Do your research and help if you can.

What Is The Use For Targeted Individuals To Fight Back?

The goal of what the TI’s refer to as torture could be logically to kill the TI or activist, because that is what it eventually does.  It fits nicely in the human experimentation realm because they might not want to
keep someone around who can tell what is happening.  psychopaths are `making money` from JOBS (contract killers), psychopaths are getting rid of people they don’t like MURDER (genocide) and still yet other psychopathic scientists are getting illegal test data from human experimentation.  Any more psychopathic benefits thrown onto the pile are just gravy.  Now, if a psychopath is connected he can have someone killed and no one will know, because it is so bizarre that no one will believe him.
  They probably think it is cute that they can make money` with this operation from the psychopathic corporations who patronize them.  Imagine a secret society that could keep knowledge of a torture kill program so big as this is a secret.  It is the psychopathic element that allows them to keep such secrets to conspire against his fellow man.  If you ask most people, they have no reason to keep such secrets, but the psychopath knows that some of his actions are so bizarre and wrong, people would never look at them the same again, hence the reason for secrets.  This is what President Kennedy warned us about in a speech weeks before he was killed by them.


There are things that could make it very hard for the psychopaths to continue business as usual.  One thing is if they have to throw more psychopaths at a problem.  I say psychopaths because they are, but they don’t have enough of them trained and willing to take over.  These psychopaths get burned out, especially in there sad excuse for a boring job (contract torture/kill).  The number of pure psychopaths is one percent of society, but sociopaths are more, about 6%.  The difference is that you have to dig deep sometimes, but there may be some remnant of empathy in a sociopath.  They are mixing the psychopath gene pool by adding sociopaths.  Anyway need replacements and if they cant get one, they can’t continue.  If we could cause a change in the amount of psychopaths needed nationwide, then that would translate into a severe restriction of their operation.  

One thing that would change this is if everyone started using shielding.  I use shielding and notice that more psychopaths are called in to direct energy at me from more than one source.  There is no shortage of DE sources now, except there are never enough satellites that are in position and can’t be changed.   There seems to and abundance of weaponized cellphone towers.  That is for normal coverage, but what if twice as many were needed.  In that case they would run out of weapons too.  They are probably planning for this and increasing coverage, which can backfire on them.  There is two things that can hurt them.  One is a shortage of willing psychopaths and the other is a shortage of money`.  I don’t mean just a little money`, I mean a lot of money`, something that would double or triple operating costs.  They are expecting the normal glitches along the way.  They must have anticipated that someone would find how to block their signals, but what if every TI can and does block their signal.  The game would be over at that point.  What they expect and count on is that people act like basically CATTLE.  
They expect most people will just sit there and take it without moving or doing anything to shield themselves.  In fact, there whole operation is based on smoke and mirrors.  The gas-lighting, organized stalking, tricks, manipulation and even DEW attacks that people go through every day will just continue until death, because people will think they can’t do anything about it.  It is a self fulfilling prophesy unless people learn to fight back.
“WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW.” Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power`, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.  This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.  http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi204971545/

James Lico

This is a blog about Targeted Individuals (TI's) Issues. TI's are Human Trafficking victims. They are under an extreme form of second by second surveillance and and used as lab animals in terminal NON CONSENSUAL research. TI's are subjected to #NoTouchTorture via Directed Energy Weapons (#DEW). This is a war crime and a bioethics violation. Hundreds testified at Bioethics Commission, but they discount our testimony by COVERUP tactics

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