Photos Of Directional Meter, Chemicals And Shielding To Help TI’s

chemicals on glasses.  Notice splash marks and spatter to determine direction of chemical depot on wall or flat surface.
chemicals on glasses. Notice splash marks and spatter to determine direction of chemical depot on wall or flat surface.

Here are photos which I would like to talk about that may help you in mitigating ill effects of torture 

These pictures are of
(1)** chemicals spattered onto my glasses.  Sometimes I have to keep wiping them off, only to have the chemicals spattered back on them by my handler.  It happens when i watch TV, use the computer, sitting still anywhere & anytime in my house.  Look close and you can see that all of the droplet marks are similar in shape and texture even though the size varies.  You will see a rainbow colored sheen similar gasoline reflecting and refracting light on water with good lighting.  They get the chemical in my eyes because blood vessels in the eyes are on the surface and infusion is almost immediate.  Here is an article more specifically on the chemicals alone if you are interested:

Blow the picture up to full size and see the splash/spatter marks next to the main droplet mark.  You are looking at the back of the right eye lens and the bridge is to the left facing down.   Think of the drop like a snow ball thrown at an angle and hitting the snow increasing in depth/swath before settling.  There will be a skid mark next to some drops which is visible here.  There is also tiny mist marks like a colorful haze where the clear glass is foggy, as if the droplet somehow exploded partially or fully to vapor either during or after landing.  Don’t worry if you can’t picture what I am telling because the important thing is knowing how the chemical piece got there on the glass in the first place.  Its not that important if you don’t see this part of what I am saying,  so just skip to (2) below

If you do see the skid mark I was talking about though, then the droplet came from the direction where the skid started touching down to hit the glass.  In this case, it came from the right and down before coming to rest.  This tells you to look for the chemical deposit to the right side and up at about about 45 degrees.   If you do see what I am telling you then you will know to look to your right side and up in this case.  Now using your black light flash light to locate the chemical deposit you can then clean it off.  This is easier then searching the whole room on every wall!  You see the piece/drop of chemical can’t come through the glass obviously and must somehow get around and behind it from one side right, left, up or down.   This CSI like technique  is one thing that helped clue me in to how this process was working for them.

(2)** Micro fibers on a wall in a TI safe house in Johnson Valley CA.  This is just a theory at this point about the fibers, so I mostly giving observable facts.   You can see the fibers by turning off lights and shining a UV light on the wall.  They appear to be growing out from the wall from a tiny cement like base!  Use soap and water to wash off the chemical if you can.  But the fibers are invisible to the eye in normal lighting so you must use a UV light to see them at all.  In addition, there were many fibers floating in the air, not attached to the wall, which are also invisible to the eye in normal lighting and only with UV light.  I am exploring the possibility these micro fibers have something to do with Morgellons, but I don’t think I have Morgellons and my knowledge of it is limited.  Maybe this will clue a chemical engineer in to what may be going on with this process, so it is worth noting.  Also it can’t be good to be breathing all of those fibers that I was seeing and if you don’t have them great.  If you do have them, use a HEPA filtered fan to remove them from the air.  Be careful when removing this if you have it.  Treat it as if it were a hazardous substance like fiberglass.

(3)** Shirt and Towels on which chemicals were placed in larger amounts. Larger amounts of this chemical can be used as a DEPOT to spew off smaller amounts to other places as you will see.  I learned of this empirically by observing until it made sense.   Again, the chemicals were invisible in normal lighting, yet glowed fluorescent Yellow under a UV light.  Notice that the towel disintegrated during washing, around where the chemical was placed.  The handlers seemingly felt it were important to have me dosed with their chemical at all times on an Ad Hoc basis.  I believe they put it in the towel so they could re-contaminate me as soon as I stepped out of the shower.

There are two chemicals that I have been able to differentiate.  One glows fluorescent yellow under UV light and is the main one found everywhere.  The other one glows bright fluorescent Orange under UV light and stings/burns upon striking skin similar to a bee sting. It is placed sparingly as if a little does goes a long way. It is painful and also causes a very agitated feeling, similar to SPEED and the feeling feels like I must keep stretching my muscles due to an uncomfortable and intense feeling as if my muscles were stiffening or cramping. This is done punitively to me sometimes. It seemingly also causes skin infections or boils which may require antibiotics to clear up inflammation. It’s usually not advised to say anything about the targeting to a doctor, however if you get boil/infections at least you have something to show the doctor.  Usually no damage is done for a doctor to see. Be sure to tell the doctor if you take multiple showers per day because the boils may be attributed to a cleanliness issue otherwise.

Symptoms are MIOSIS or pin point pupils always, diarrhea, Tinnitus or ringing in the ear(‘s) often, dry mouth, itchy and or burning skin, hive like welts especially after washing with warm to hot water, dry irritated eyes spots on eye glasses, feeling like your eyes are blinking as if by reflex instead of normally, you feel eye lashes move suddenly or feel as if stuck together suddenly. The Miosis is always present and tinnitus is often present even if the other symptoms are absent.   If symptoms are present, use a black light on walls and flat surfaces where you have been sitting. Also wash skin or shower if necessary.  I have notice that it fires at me at a 90 degree (perpendicular) angles from wall or flat surface.  I often find it on flat surfaces facing me like computer screen or keyboard, TV screen, windshield and Rear view mirror in car. Other parts of the body which are must target places are the scalp and groin.  They will also target shoulders, breasts and joints and other places where blood-vessels are close to the surface or where better electrical connection is needed if they are experimenting with muscles (noticed empirically).  Taking a shower will allow you to wash off the chemicals and you might take one if you have brain entrainment, twitching muscles, abnormal cramping.  See my article 3b on chemicals for more info.

(4)**  Cell phone towers many of which are irradiating torture signals.  I have used my Android Smart Phone Meter to detect signals and have been guided to the tower by continuing to turn towards it. It works on your android cell phone and the software is free.

5)** lastly there are two steel sheet metal panels with neodymium magnets stuck to one side at regular intervals.  This is the only thing that seems to disrupt ELF or Scalar Energy and also works with microwaves somewhat.  More magnets are better and more layers of sheeting are better than one.  But any arrangement of it is better than nothing.


1a)** & 3a)**





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    • Im not so sure that the shielding you get from will will give you thi kind of protection you expect from it. These signals we are hit with are very strong and you should remember that ELF energy and scalar waves are not stopped to much by anything. Have you tried the vinyl magnet material used to make sign magnets?

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