NTT Torture Log for June 1to19-2015

I write my experiences in here as a diary so that I have some written record of the torture.  I am a real TI and this torture is really happening.  The closest thing I can compare this to is trauma based mind control which the CIA was guilty of before with MKULTRA.   I guess they are doing it again with the latest technology.  I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science, an associate degree in biology and another associate degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.  I have work experience in the separate fields throughout my working life.

The mind control TI shootings are happening because the Private Military Contractors (PMC’s) are torturing Targeted Individuals (TI’s).

How to get them to stop is another story.  This is probably under the auspices of the CIA since they have already been found guilty of what happened during MKULTRA.  This is just an extension of that project apparently.  From my standpoint they are being obvious about their involvement due to prior involvement with MKULTRA.  This is because there is some things which are going to happen which would cause martial law to be in effect.  One important step would be to tell President Obama to stop paying them and also to take their weapons away.

sat. June 1, 2015
11:57pm I am being irradiated by my private military contractor handler in 94227 house next door for hours all evening. I was trying to help a friend who is driving from California and my head was being hit with radiation making it hard to think what I should do. These people will not leave me alone even while I take a shower or go to the bathroom. I was trying to read in bed and this person was hitting both my arms with an ultrasonic beam which causes trauma injuries. In this case it was causing inflammation and pain like fibromyalgia, in my shoulders. Fibromyalgia simulation is popular with these handlers. currently as I write this, this person is burning my feet with radiation. They treat me like I am a lab animal and yet i am a 63 year old man fighting for my life in my own house. This person was hurting my teeth as I ate my supper and hurting my hands as I washed myself in the bathroom. I am being dosed with a chemical that increases conductivity of my body by facilitating the flow of current over my skin, down through the core of my body and extremities. I have proven this chemical flies through aluminum foil on its way to being deposited on my body. I know this seems amazing but I am able to show that they are able to penetrate aluminum foil leaving microscopic holes in the foil, on their way to being deposited on me. However I am not able to prove what makes up the chemicals. I have degrees in electronics, biology and computer science. These people are handy with connecting modems, routers and other computer gear. I believe they are veterans with signals intelligence (SIGINT) and psychological operations (psyops) training. This program must be secret and so they would have security clearance for it. The Military called it.

12:23am I am still awake and my handler is now beaming my hip joint with a resonance weapon to cause pain so I will move. What do you think must be wrong with these people to attack and torture their fellow citizens. I would say it proves evidence sociopathy or psychopathy because they sit and torture me for hours and hours. Isn’t it these personality problems that are responsible for predatory pedophilia, rape, murder and other crimes where a victim is involved?

Sat. Jun. 6
I went into My Bank this morning, Rogue Credit Union and a man was there doing his banking and I didnt think anything of it. Very soon after I left the credit union, I began feeling sick and hearing that all too familiar clicking sound I recognize as a chemical attack. The chemical purpose I believe is to in effect light me up on their computer screen. What it does is increase our electrical conductivity so the TI’s body will act as a partial block to the torture signals and thereby transfer the energy lost in the signal into the TI’s body. I was expected to ignore the man in the bank and was only able to realize what happened after the fact by going through the chain of events which occurred in my day. Then I was able to examine the actions of the man in the bank to realize that I was kept in the spot i was, long enough for the man to realize his desire to see me poisoned. I supposed it was what the sociopaths call payback for my angry attitude about being targeted the other day. As always I am not sorry and would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. When the night shift came on at 7:00pm he began irradiating my heart with ELF energy. This makes the heart muscle nerves skew their response from normal, shifting to nerves and the muscle itself begin to fire more randomly which if it continued would have resulted in death. The handler can hear me and I told them what I just said here. I am at the point of total belligerence to these DOD contractors. Let me just say there can be no deals made with these people and being intimidated is a deal where they get what they want. They are sociopaths without empathy. You must never be intimidated because they are treating you as a lab animal. If you change your behavior to suit them as a result of their bullying, then they win and will think they can do it every time. Its probably better not to talk to them. This way they don’t get their precious feed back and you will retain whatever level of composure the DOD contractor will allow you to keep.

targeting happened before in Hitlers Germany. Targeted Individuals are like the Jews were at that time. We are on a kill list. Allowing your countrymen to be murdered around you is not a strategy to avoid being targeted. Until NON targeted people get as angry as those targeted then the genocide will continue. Corporations are in charge and treat life as cheap and people are expendable. It will progress through the stages, leading to full on and outright genocide followed by destruction of the United States. The people can stop this at any time until it is too late. Some say it is already too late.
Revolution is the only way out at this point and hopefully the powers that be will allow it to be peaceful. One difference between us and 1934 Germany is that the American people still retain their guns.

Tonight we had a nice supper of ravioli, salad and toasted bread and garlic butter. My handler must not have thought I deserved such a treat because they stuck a beam in my throat the whole time. now as I write this, my arm is beamed. These beams are trauma injuries with ultrasonic energy i think. earlier when I was doing a rewrite of my chemical article, I was microwaved heavily and my heart was beamed with ELF to make it unreliable and unsteady. This handler tonight is a bully who just wants to make things as uncomfortable as possible. These bullies come along every now and then. What should become of them I don’t know?! The beam in my throat feels like a bone is stuck there. I think they must turn the resonance up to the point where its uncomfortable. I wonder how they know where the comfort is. I wonder what is going through this persons head. There doesn’t seem to be anything good going through his head. I realize now that no matter what I think the bad energy is coming from the house next door.

3:00pm My handler today is Barbara Howerton. She is beaming my private parts for the last couple of hours so that it hurts as if like a cramp. I guess she hates men and Knows how to let them know. She recently moved up here from Sacramento because there was a torturer opening. I feel so lucky to have her here to torture me. She didn’t like my attitude this morning and gee i guess we got off on the wrong foot. I suppose I should be more appreciative. Barbara lives next door. She brought a big UHAUL truck up with here. I would like to show her my appreciation in some meaningful way. I guess she thinks I am harmless. I don’t think of myself as harmless but I guess to a sociopath it may seem that way. I wonder if they though Myron May was harmless. Has anyone ever noticed that some of the handlers want the TI’s to be respectful and not complain about being tortured to death as if they are doing the TI a favor? So if you say anything then they have to teach you a lesson. This one has one small problem and that is I know exactly where she is. I may be off on the gender but the bully who is irradiating my brain now is next door in 94227 1st street, downstairs in the fun room. How is that for appreciation. If you want accolades you can get your groupie of young narcissist magnets together. I am sure they will have some accolades for you regarding your torture techniques and subtle nuances to bring out the last drop of pain. There is at least two and maybe three young girls that hang around these torturers and do stalking jobs for them. I have pictures of two of them. Would anyone like to join me to meet someone never to meet mama. I see she has a narcissist friend over from California either that or she has a nice blue car. Probably she is showing off for a friend and she cant show any common sense. She is beaming the side of my face with ELF energy. No creativity here. Its unheard of for a psychopath to show weakness. They have to show power, strength and courage even if they possess none of those. I think Barbara has a training session going on or is being trained in the latest torture techniques from a mentor who has come to visit. That means there is two in the house and probably dumpy makes three.

6/14/15 I was kept up all night so I am not thinking right. They were microwaving my legs and feet all night. Also a cramp beam was used on my legs and feet. Im not sure what that is but maybe it is focused ELF energy. What it does is cause imediate cramping in my feet where it was used. My toes splay out as though the electrical impulses are disturbed and all abnormal because I cannot move my foot at all. I dont think I was supposed to discover that but i kept moving my foot out of the way and discovered the sensation and ability to move came back quickly. It can be longer duration but usually the power is turned on slowly so the muscle goes spastic in the foot or leg and then the power is eased off slowly and the feeling and ability comes back. This is probably the same burning weapon used on my arm and to remove sensation of sexuality. I am guessing this must be a more secret weapon they don’t want to have people knowing about otherwise I would have been able to figure it out already.
My handler is now aiming an ultrasonic beam through my brain. This is very uncomfortable and aches. I went over to where I detected it but that was probably a weapon used from the handler next door 94227 so I will have to go there to check it out. These people kept me up all night. I tried to get some sleep but my legs were being irradiated so I could not. The person hurting me at the moment is the one I believe was my handler yesterday so maybe its Barbara and maybe its Ethan. But the torture is not like Ethan tortures. This person is like an octopus trying to annoy me today so I am guessing that there is a plan to get me in the hospital today. I say a sociopath I didn’t recognize talking to Ethan yesterday so maybe he is involved too. They are always making deals and maybe this is one of those deals. I may even have to leave to find another house to rent.

10:59pm. My torturers tonight has been trying every one of his torture repertoire.
Microwaves to my legs is steady. ELF radiation for nervous system degradation and ultrasonic beam for trauma.. He’s got it all covered:).

Fri. June 19, 2015
7:18pm my handler just got on his shift and is hurting my brain and facial muscles. sharp pain to left TMJ. This is a malignant sociopath or psychopath. I will do anything to bring these people down. Yet I feel that they don’t believe anything for if they did they would act differently. This is a good reason not to threaten the psychopath, but just show him what you will do. you may need to smash some fear into these people and see what makes them tick. They are extremely smart or extremely stupid. please cast your votes.

It is my opinion that these psychopathic things who are torturing us know exactly how much they are hurting us.  people cry out or just ask them to “stop hurting me” and they just continue on as normal.  They probably like the cries for mercy so they know they have crossed the pain threshold.  I am telling you right where my handlers live.  They are here next door to me on either side.  if you were to go into the 94227 house next door, that is home base.  All the rats go into that nest.  There are kids who go in there and they are getting trained in this crime.  If you thought that kids are safe from this you better think again.

The murder rate is up all over the country.  Could that be due to the targeted individuals.  In cities the police dont come on calls anymore.  I would have killed my handler if that were the case.

What happens when the Targeted Individual is being tortured and is just on the verge of a psychotic break out

Is it okay for the torturers to act tough and ignore TI threats?  maybe they are bluffing.  But what if they are not bluffing.  what if the TI says he is going to come over and mow them all down.  What then?  That is an easy one because everything or all threats are ignored and I guess they get mowed down then.  I just want to be sure you understood what I said.   Just like Aaron Alexis and Myron May found, they were tortured right upto and including the time when they went on their shooting spree.  Go Figure.  The handlers know exactly what they are doing and exactly where they are at any moment.  Also they can see what they see and hear what they hear. 

Handlers ALWAYS IGNORE THREATS.  THEY MAY PAUSE FOR A SECOND, BUT THEY BELIEVE THE THREAT IS NOT GOING TO BE CARRIED OUT.  THEY WILL CONTINUE ON AND MAYBE EVEN INCREASE THE TORTURE.  Could this be the reason why the homicide rate is into double digits, this year over last year.  Speaking first hand I would say it sounds about right.   You must remember that these are sociopaths hired to torture someone until they commit suicide.  That is the job in a nutshell.  Yes they do experiments but it is all geared toward making the person horribly miserable and in pain at all times.  The only respite is death and this is the only thing that will stop the pain.    I wonder why the sociopaths think that the TI will only kill himself when they are sitting there.  Actually My case is different because i do know where they are, but they are not acting any different that if I didn’t know where they are.  Are they really as incredibly stupid as they appear?  Everyone could know where they are if they used my android phone directional meter.  You must remember that TI’s are under second by second surveillance.  The handler can see what the TI sees and hear what they hear.  If there is a threat, they hear it.

using this, you would know where they are exactly.  This is how I know anyway.  we cant take any of these people to court unless we know who they are.

6/20/2015  7:22pm    There seem to be three main directions of Directed Energy coming into my home today..  There is the two usual places which are 94227 and 94235 apt C.  The third and newest location seems to be the motel over on the road to the west of my location.  This motel has rooms which back to my location.   I will have to go over there and see what there is to see.. These handlers are low life’s who dont have a clue about ganging up on the TI nor do they care.  If there is money to be gotten you can be confident they will be there.  the energy from these weapons is additive to other directed energy.  That is, if i am getting a dose from one direction and another dose from a different place then I am getting 2x the dose from both because they add together.

another aspect to this is the party atmosphere which is a result of sociopaths within high five distance of each other.  They are apt to be drinking and partying hardy.  It is Saturday night and there will probably be some of the time when the most egregious torture is likely to occur, in my experience.  This is a one UPsmanship atmosphere and they don’t like to be shown up is another aspect which leads to severe beatings.  This all mixed with alcohol, can lead to some pretty wild west hi-jinks.   The people at many levels ask why you gave lethal weapons to psychopaths and second, why is there no oversight.  I am left to conclude that you people wanted an environment where there was no oversight.  You want the psychopaths to meat hook the human test subjects and it means whatever you can imagine.

My face and brain are being hit with ELF energy.  My face feels numb and I can feel that my brain is not functioning right.  I am a 63 year old man living in this house with my female room mate.  We are both being attacked with this energy.   We sure would appreciate any help you could give us here.  We are just trying to stay alive.  This is physical and psychological torture.  Someone needs to have a talk with these people.  Maybe you could ask them to stop torturing us.  They really are right next door on either side.  the house is the main place they go.  Larry owns the house and is the main instigator.

I am sure it  is not personal  from these people.  They are just taking advantage of money sitting on the table from the Government.  But this is what the government has done to us.  Actually the CIA is responsible.  This torture can be believed if not understood more if you compare it to the Guantanamo bay torture.   We know what happened there and you probably would say that it doesn’t make sense there either.  But we have this on the record and it is documented what happened there.   This doesn’t make sense to anyone, but it is real and I am living this every day.





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  1. This is an omen to a Lee County school district in Lee County Florida. I was illegally fired from my job and my tenure and status as a person with a disability was ignored. They are and were in full corruption mode. We need to take our rights and our Cities and our Country back. The psychopaths are put on notice that we will not back down and now it is your turn to get out.

  2. Comment continued:

    I am going to purchase an iron helmet and a hat liner shield to insert inside. See /r/gangstalking.

    Could you please post a report of your HackRF spectrum analyzer measurements?

    Have you taken measurements outside of and inside of your steel sheets with attached magnets? Have you tried several layers of steel sheeting?

    Moving to a room in a basement? Oregon has few houses with basements but Washington does. Have you compared measurements in the basement with first floor and second floor?

  3. Initially, I could not ascertain whether the brain zapping was transcranial pulsed ultrasound (TPU) or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Likewise, I could not ascertain whether ‘The Hum’ was ultrasound hearing or microwave auditory effect.

    Sleeping with my head underneath a metal bed frame partially shielded brain zapping. Sleeping under a wood bed frame had no effect. Wearing a steel helmet described below partially shielded brain zapping.

    Therefore, I conclude remote brain zapping is via transcranial magnetic stimulation. I will be purchasing a magnetometer (DC gauss meter) for testing.

    An audio spectrum analyzer who’s specification includes infrasound could test for microwave auditory effect which emits infrasound. The audio spectrum analyzer should also be able to detect ultrasound.

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