• Techno Crime Fighters Forum Episode 2 on World Beyond Belief

    This is the video to watch first. You will see how multiple levels of Government and Corporations, from judges and local government down through police, sheriffs and storeKeepers have agreed to EXTERMINATE Targets on the KIILL LISTS. Oh they get lots of Blood Money and the Military Security Complex reeps obscene profits which is really Corporate Welfare isnt it? This really is all about the money though isnt it and the supposed terrorists are expendable and you shouldnt worry. Their motto is "KEEP THE PROBLEM GOING SO THE MONEY KEEPS FLOWING".
  • Death Squads Operate In Your Neighborrhood under cover of NeighborhoodWatch

    Death Squads Operate In Your Neighborhood under cover of NeighborhoodWatch groups. They are Private Govt. Military Contractors. They may tell you there is a TI Terrorist who needs to be watched. They are lying, It is a FALSE FLAG Operation. The target is innocent and is being Human Trafficked by the MERCS and is essentially a slave. They ask people to host an electronics box in their house. They may as well ask for the JUDAS neighbor, because the box is;
    * for mind control and psychological as well as physical torture
    * for surveillance of all neighbors not just an innocent TI.
    * This box allows total surveillance and total control and is a tool of genocide
    This second by second surveillance is a Psychological Operation (SYOPS) to clandestinely and covertly take down our Neighborhoods and in effect our whole Civil Society. It is working GOD Needs Your Help. I am telling you this because I know as a victim knows. Do your research and help if you can.

NTT Torture log for Friday, September 27th 2013

I seem to be attacked now with only scalar waves, because I can no longer detect them with my meter.  There goes my advantage.  This is new that they are using this scalar waves
without additional EMF reaching the target, which can be detected by my meter.

I am now getting a beam to my left leg, right above my kneecap.  My handler has been injuring me like this to keep me from being so mobile.  The injury is repeated upon successive days.  Think of the personality that thinks of this stuff.  Of course we know that traumatic injury will cause a person to be less mobile and more docile, but did we ever think of using it on those we interact with?  THEY DO.
I am the nail that stands up and gets pounded down.  If they can continue getting each of us individually, like sheep to the slaughter, their plan will have worked.  These psychopaths are parasites who feed off of their host so thoroughly that the parasite kills the host, killing itself in the process.
Today I finished preparing my retirement application from my old job at the school district.  The handlers don’t like this.  I guess they don’t like it because it gives me more money per month and allowing me to spend more on fixing the TI torture problem. 

James Lico

This is a blog about Targeted Individuals (TI's) Issues. TI's are Human Trafficking victims. They are under an extreme form of second by second surveillance and and used as lab animals in terminal NON CONSENSUAL research. TI's are subjected to #NoTouchTorture via Directed Energy Weapons (#DEW). This is a war crime and a bioethics violation. Hundreds testified at Bioethics Commission, but they discount our testimony by COVERUP tactics

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