NTT Human Trafficking torture log December 2015

7:03pm in Fred Meyer Brookings Oregon.  Local handler after shift change.
Thought of suing handler who lives in nice area for his house.
92% of people would go all the way if they see someone else go all the way.
energy projected from:
2nd story of house on 2nd street.
there is no difference between defending oneself against a common criminal
than to defend oneself against a corrupt government.
pacifism is a self loathing behavior
Saturday Dec. 5th 2015
6:07am  its getting close to shift change and i have identified the two story house on second st. as contributing to sadism.  This person has an ELF weapon and is using it to hurt me because I can detect him with it.  He is attempting to remove the RF component from the signal he is transmitting to hurt me.  However I am being evasive and not leaving the meter within eyesight so he can see it.  just quick measurements.  I think this may be a good tactic to use when detecting them.  Dont leave the meter face visible to them.  hint:: it is visible when you can see it.
December 7, 2015
4:58am   Harris corp Employees across the street are irradiating me with ELF energy.
5:43AM The handlers always let me sleep at some point.  I am exhausted and in pain from the ELF energy to my feet and legs.  I wish i could sleep now but i have to wait until they have fully unamused themselves.  I guess it is quite funny to prod an old man with a ray gun so he cant sleep.  I wonder if they will be doing all the old people like this.
December 19th, 2015
im at the bookstore on 1st and Ellensburg ave.  I left my house because I was being irradiated with ELF energy.  I was falling asleep as usual so I decided to go elsewhere.  I ammy handler is also getting ELF at the book store but it is not as strong.  right now my foot is being pulsed.  I have seen strong radiation coming from a car across Ellensburg ave and from the Chevron station across 1st street.  This is crazy that I am attacked in my home and followed by people with weapons in their cars who park the cars near this book store where i am.  This is moron behavior.  Think of what kind of person (moron) would drive around with an energy weapon to hurt someone like that.  It is sociopathic behavior.
6:45pm  I’m back home and the handler today is a terrible sadist who likes to hurt people a lot over a long period of time.  This person has a destroyed mind and likes to inflict the type of injuries he endured as a child onto others now.  This is the worst type of brain destruction we have doing this crime.  This individual does not even want clemency for himself as he knows he does not deserve any mercy.  This person is across the street from me in the house that goes across the entire block to second street.   The handlers are all sociopathic but only a small percentage have a  truly malignant personality to the point where his personality even bothers himself.  But he cant kill himself or can he.   Stay tuned and I will be posting pictures and names and addresses.  these people dont live in the house but drive there as if it were a job.  I will be focusing in on one personality for the most part to garner attention on one individual rather than spread it around too thin.  I dont want to confuse people.
12:50am my handler is heating my body after I am out of the shower as it often happens.  This is a common tactic.  It is usually to harass or because he doesn’t want covers on or extra clothes.  I believe i am not supposed to realize this is happening but it has been demonstraited to me hundreds of times so i am looking for it.  Again, it could be a syops or experimented  The handler is an order follower but he does do some torture out of sheer enjoyment.  These people took these torture jobs because they like it and this crime is not a job.  it cant be a job if it is a crime.  all earnings are under the table.  Also all torture is sadism and has to do with rape, homosexual rape, voyeurism, pedophilia, etc.
Handlers have been incubating a boil on the right side of my scalp approximately 2 inches above my right ear.  They are facilitating the growth of this infection with directed energy, ELF probably.  They beam it at regular intervals and try to make it seem unnoticeable and non consequential.  This is BIOLOGICAL warfare on the citizens.  This was done to me all of last year but i managed to get rid of MRSA in October and November.  But now they are trying to reinfect me.  I wonder if I do have MRSA now.  They have weaponized STAPH infections similar to the program with the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.  I believe it is for the same reason which would be to see if they could get away with it and make it deadly with the use of resonance tricks and enhancements and other things.   The beaming of the boil on my head is also very painful.  I believe they know this.  Even if MRSA is not there they are making infections with this resonance.  It is cruel and unusual punishment and I wonder why Senator Ron Wyden will not help us.  We will have to take some kind of action to bring him to task.  Possibly suing him for dereliction of his job or duty as a senator.  He is supposed to help his constituent with what we are going through and there is no excuse for not helping.  My handler is watching me every second and trying to entrain my brain.  I have to continuously move my had to change the resonance characteristics and he continuously makes the ELF weapon tune to my brain frequency to entrain my brain.  My skin on my chest and shoulders and arms is becoming deformed.  It is red as though it is very inflamed.  It is also looking as though it is a fungal infection which I say as a reference.  It only looks like its fungal, because the dermatologist said it definitely was not fungal, but she thought it was fungal at first.  She did florescence test and scraping test.  I am quite sure the injuries are due to ELF energy burning my skin.  It goes through my shielding and I cant block it out.
4:33pm My handler is beaming the top of my head at the crown with an ELF weapon.  This is very painful and debilitating.  It keeps me from doing anything at all but to just veg out and stare at the floor.  I can see and observe that my handler has talked other neighbors into putting a weapon box in their house.  He probably told them it was for monitoring my location but that was a horrific lie because the box is a weapon and he is torturing me with it.  This handler works across the street in a large ranch house on second street but it takes up the whole block across at 95261.  These people work 12 hour shifts from 7am to 7pm and 7pm to 7am.

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