• Techno Crime Fighters Forum Episode 2 on World Beyond Belief

    This is the video to watch first. You will see how multiple levels of Government and Corporations, from judges and local government down through police, sheriffs and storeKeepers have agreed to EXTERMINATE Targets on the KIILL LISTS. Oh they get lots of Blood Money and the Military Security Complex reeps obscene profits which is really Corporate Welfare isnt it? This really is all about the money though isnt it and the supposed terrorists are expendable and you shouldnt worry. Their motto is "KEEP THE PROBLEM GOING SO THE MONEY KEEPS FLOWING".
  • Death Squads Operate In Your Neighborrhood under cover of NeighborhoodWatch

    Death Squads Operate In Your Neighborhood under cover of NeighborhoodWatch groups. They are Private Govt. Military Contractors. They may tell you there is a TI Terrorist who needs to be watched. They are lying, It is a FALSE FLAG Operation. The target is innocent and is being Human Trafficked by the MERCS and is essentially a slave. They ask people to host an electronics box in their house. They may as well ask for the JUDAS neighbor, because the box is;
    * for mind control and psychological as well as physical torture
    * for surveillance of all neighbors not just an innocent TI.
    * This box allows total surveillance and total control and is a tool of genocide
    This second by second surveillance is a Psychological Operation (SYOPS) to clandestinely and covertly take down our Neighborhoods and in effect our whole Civil Society. It is working GOD Needs Your Help. I am telling you this because I know as a victim knows. Do your research and help if you can.

Citizen Journalist Questions the Focus Of US Federal Law Enforcement

 Sunday, November 29, 2015

Source: Citizen Journalist Questions the Focus Of US Federal Law Enforcement: How We Are Creating Active Shooters

This blog details a harassment campaign that US Federal law enforcement uses to disrupt the lives of people that is does not like. The current takedown program is very similar to the old Cointelpro program of the FBI, but a lot of the electronic communication technology of the NSA and other surveillance technology from the US Armed Forces has been added to the program to increase pressure on the targets.

Most targets of harassment programs react with avoidance and patience. But some targets lash out in violence when the harassment becomes unbearable. These targets are subject to visual and sound harassment on a continuous basis, day after day, night after night with sleep deprivation by trained, paid and volunteer informants. The Navy Yard shooter and the FSU shooter seemed to be under Cointelpro type harassment. By the signature of the Planned Parenthood shooter, it doesn’t appear to be Cointelpro at first glance. But the telltale signature is steady, successful career advance followed by a precipitous decline in lifestyle, job, and relationships of the target. Most of these targets eventually commit suicide, but an unfortunate byproduct of these harassment campaigns is that they also create active shooters.

My point is there is more to this rapid rise of deranged shooters than meets the eye. They are being forced into a corner, and they are lashing out in some cases. These are still horrific acts deserving our complete condemnation, but the Cointelpro type influence offers a reason for why these successful people are going berserk in this manner.

There is an alarming rise of active shooters in this country, and they create devastation for families in a few minutes time. The harassment program is designed to take well adjusted people who have never been in trouble with the law and never even owned gun and drive them to suicide over time. But active shooters are being created with the pressure of these harassment campaigns.

We need to dramatic reduced the number of people on the target list who don’t own guns, and we need to focus on getting disturbed individuals with guns help rather than putting them in a high pressure, harassment campaigns. Active shooters ruin lives.


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