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NTT Torture Log for January, 2017

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How Secret Policing With Deadly “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US, & Globally

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NTT Torture Log for December, 2016

Remember that this horrible program exists and it is about to come out so do not take away my rights to help contractors who will go to jail.  This whole thing will come down on your head and you will be held liable.  This is no joke, It is murder and eugenics. NTT Torture Log … Read more…

NTT Torture Log for November, 2016

These burns are injuries I received on the day or two before Christmas.  I had never been burned this bad before, so the injury could be photographed.  I thought the Torturers are either beginners or their instruments are not calibrated and they cant tell how badly I am  being hurt.

ELF Burns

I show these pictures for the reason of disclosure.  My story and my pictorial evidence shows that I am not making this up.  Unless you think I am faking,  there should not be any doubt in your mind that what I am saying is true.  At the very least, I would like a call from the representative of my congressional district to arrange for an engineer to record or log frequencies coming into my house.  I expect something done about this.  I am a citizen and I have rights.  Donald Trump was elected and now maybe the incumbents in congress and the senate can be thrown out and new law makers can be elected who will do the right things according to the will of the people.  Can you see that until we get this TORTURE resolved and stopped for good, everyone is involved.  After all, the contractors have psychotronic weapons and can see in every ones houses.  You cannot run from these thing and they are in every town and city.

Weaponized MRSA

This is my log to write my experiences for no touch torture by “Murder for Hire Contractors”, every day, as they watch me with second by second surveillance for human experimentation.  The contractors are the epitome of order followers since they have no personal morality and will do anything their boss tells them to do.   I write the log into what I call the no touch torture log, which is kept on my website:> under the NoTouchTorture Tab.  I have 3 college degrees which allow me to make comments about what I am experiencing. The following is a short article about the targeting crime and the people who prosecute it. These people will treat anyone the way Lavoy Finicum was treated in Burns Oregon in the winter of 2016. He got out of the car he was in after contractor FBI personnel fired at the car.  He had  his hands up and was promptly shot down and then dealt a finishing shot at close range. These are the same type of contractors who torture Targeted Individuals. Only the government can operate a killing program as efficiently as this. We are being tortured and Holidays are the worst because they double down on the torture to drive us to suicide.

People need to know that the handlers can get into our electronic computer, smart phones and operate remote control devices and even non remote control devices.

Bigger Than Snowden: New Crimes in America

For More Info, Go to &
Gold Beach, Oregon (11/5/2016) – A growing network has formed in our city, and in many cities nationwide. It has been illegally established by the Deep State, or what Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald calls the Shadow Government, an unelected alliance of powerful bureaucrats and the ultra-rich. Their regularly committed offenses, according to thousands of victims’ statements, include extortion, assault, corporate espionage, political and judicial corruption, betrayal, child abuse, sadistic torture, sabotage, forced labor, and the subverting of legal rights. It operates in secret, and exists to serve the interests and pleasures of a few elitist criminals, at the expense of their countless victims and the rule of law.
These criminal elements use new technologies, sly repression tactics, and dirty little tricks in order to manipulate and exploit people. They tell neighbors and also targets whatever they want to hear in order to ensnare them over the long-term. Yet, they don’t want anyone speaking about this openly with others, because they’re each told a different lie. They are not setting up these networks for the good of the community or out of altruism, but rather to control people and engineer society to advance their self-interest. They make you think that they share your values and interests, but they are corrupted, anti-Christian, technocrats. They are trying to secretly atomize us and control us, in order to increase their power and material wealth. They maintain anonymity by communicating with signs, symbols, code-words, and new technologies. This enables them to exploit and betray everyone, with impunity.Their primary tools for subjugation and control include organized stalking and “stealth weaponry.”Organized Stalking is a tactic with its roots in COINTELPRO and the Stasi technique of Zersetzung. Its effectiveness is rooted more in psychological terror than physical assaults – this is also what gives it cover to be deployed on a widespread basis. Tactics include: break-ins of home, office, and car, in order to tamper with devices or leave other small signs of invasion, to terrorize; drugging your food, often with illegal drugs or even parasite eggs; mobbing; following; group stalking; intimidating threats; smear campaigns; street theatre; noise campaigns; and harassment. Some participants are unknowingly involved, and blindly following orders, others know what they’re doing. This is all done to illegally isolate, weaken and terrorize the victim into subjugation.

Electromagnetic Weapons are used to covertly target, monitor, and torture victims. They are also used to control, and ensure the continued compliance of those that have already been subjugated. Although, many of these weapon systems were developed in the 70s and 80s, yet most of the public remains largely ignorant of their existence. This makes them the perfect weapon, because if they are used in clever ways to torture and subjugate victims,   they can operate endlessly under the threat of psychiatric reprisal. Capabilities of these weapons include: continuous tracking and targeting of individuals; monitoring, mapping and decoding of physiological signs for thought decoding and insertion; transmission of sound directly to the brain through the microwave auditory effect; the creation of synthetic emotions and synthetic thoughts; implanted holographic images; and modulated dreams. They can even cause heart attacks or other ailments. These directed energy devices are deployed throughout multiples platforms, including satellite, radar, vehicle, plane, and some are even piggy-backed on various utility grids. Needless to say, they give immense power to the operators, which in turn allows them to repress knowledge of their existence, thusly ensuring the longevity of their illegal use on American citizens.

Your neighbors, who haven’t extensively studied and researched this field,  might deny their existence and use. We assure you, they are 100%, objectively real, and this flyer contains nothing but the truth. Please keep this in the back of your mind, because we don’t want to see good people, and society as a whole, entirely corrupted and ruined. More and more informed experts are writing books about, and speaking up about, these crimes. Once enough of the public is aware of these illegal programs, we can get them shut down. Please educate yourselves and others with sites like Bigger Than Snowden.

11/5/51 Today is my birthday and I have now no less than six beams trained on me. Is this retaliation or the normal holiday farce, to try to make me commit suicide? What the hell are all these pin headed pricks doing with all this fire power on an old man and an old woman. These people came here to Gold Beach to torture me and no other reason. They are greedy cowards. They are sticking to the script that i am a terrorist. These people are doing this in the name of fighting terrorism ! They know the truth however, is that they are murdering the elderly couple in their home. They lie to the neighbors, telling them the terrorism garbage while they shoot the neighbors with Directed Energy. I believe we are close to resolution of this crime at least before the end of 2017.

  • i am injured by the murder for hire contractor in the performing of their contractor duties.
  • Murder is a crime and is not recognized as a contractual thing
  • I am non consensual human test subject
  • it is not a contract if the thing contracted for is illegal
  • contractors are shooting me with Directed Energy.
  • abuse started in this house in December 2015 when I moved in
  • even if I do not win now, informing the handler contractors of the facts is important first step.
  • The next time will be the big one since they cant say they didnt know

11/5/51 Today is my birthday and I have now no less than six beams trained on me. Is this retaliation or the normal holiday farce, to try to make me commit suicide? What the hell are all these pin headed pricks doing with all this fire power on an old man and an old woman. These people came here to Gold Beach to torture me and no other reason. They are greedy cowards. They are sticking to the script that i am a terrorist LOL. You have got to agree that they are the most ludicrous GOLUMIZED TROLLS. These morons are doing this in the name of fighting terrorism ! They know the truth however, is that they are murdering the elderly couple. They lie to the neighbors, telling them the terrorism garbage while the salivating sociopaths get in their killing beam licks in. How many of these brave men would cower in fear?. I believe we are close to resolution of this crime at least before the end of 2017.

11/6/17 6:52am

I started to read my pension paperwork from Lockheed Martin Marietta and as a result, I am being torutred with ELF radiation which emanates from The direction of the Crooks house.   They do not want me to be able to fill out my paperwork. They had a hand in disappearing my paperwork at least on two occasions this year. Twice a postal worker who delivered to my house, sent my paperwork back, saying there was no known recipient. My brain is fogged now with ELF radiation due to the torturer probably being angry that i am filling out the paperwork to receive my pension.

7:18am Its just after shift change for the handlers. They are so stupid that they dont know that murder is not a valid job. They get money under the table, tax free. My head feels like it is in a vice due to ELF radiation. I am dying and so is my fiancee dying from directed energy. I am sorry they are so stupid


Nov. 9th, 2016
1:31pm handler is putting me and Donna to sleep all day. I got up at 10:00am and i am falling asleep, nodding off every minute. This is torture and must be stopped. Some patriots should come to gold beach and talk to these people. There is directed energy between the two houses, mine and across the street.
I am getting the feeling that mentioning someone by names and address will not matter since they are guilty and will not sue me since They would be guilty.

3:04pm handler has a resonance beam on my brain for hours. Extreme discomfort. I hope the judge or jury who determines punitive award, are generous enough to take pain and suffering and lost time and health lost into account when determining damage award. I can see that the people doing the torture are incredibly and indisputably stupid. This results in people who cannot be trusted to do the right thing. They are in effect enemies of the people who probably enjoy hurting people. They have abandonment and are probably abuse victims. This results in diagnosis of Borderline personality disorder and inability to cope with life and taking it out on others.

Psychopathic bullies and abusers regard themselves as artists: their bullying is a form of perfected art and their abuse — the epitome of craftsmanship. They are proud of their “achievements” and happily recount instances of pain and hurt inflicted on their victims. There is a glint in the psychopathic narcissist’s eye when he describes the helplessness of his targets, their doomed attempts to extricate themselves, the traps he sets at every turn, and the fear he inspires as his prey succumbs. In the psychopath’s palette there are several primary colors. What are these people really like. Just watch this video by Sam Vaknin
Bullying as Art, Abuse as Craftsmanship

5:35pm handler hurting my brain with resonance beam. I am made to sleep all day. I asked handler what if you are tortured, then would you hurt anyone? why would someone believe that I am a prisoner who can be hurt and tortured and tested.  Who would believe this? Due to Narcolepsy, I take Adderall 20mg 2x per day. The adderall is fo nacolepsy and always feels the same and it feels a certain way every time i take it., except for today. Today the adderalll does not feel like i took anything. Intimacy is always muted or stifled so that feelings are muted beyond recognition. Could it be that this is the same routine as when they use my libido as a weapon. I am not allowed to be intimate with my fiancee Donna, again any intimate feelings are muted. What kind of people are these contractors? to say this is frustrating is obvious. who would do that to someone? You have to ask yourself.   I cannot imagine anything as weird and crazy as this. It is as though they are trying to get us to take our own lives. Also, they try to pit one of us against the other to cause a fight or just to make things as difficult as possible. Now I know what NSA SUICIDE is.

I live across the street from the one who’s house is usually involved in directing energy to me. I have a directional meter and observe this as the case. I have videos of readings I have taken. Strong signals usually come from the house across the street.  The people who will probably be involved in my subjugation are across the street.  I know this is true because I have a directional meter and can see the location of the source of DE.  read the article at this link to find out more >

Another thing they do to me is beam me in the chest and this causes me to hack up fluid or phlegm for hours because the beaming can go on for hours. That is until i can shield my chest with magnet material and when i do that, the phlegm immediately stops. another syop trick is they beam my ankles with ELF energy which feels fluttery like the jetsons car did if you remember that. Last week they beamed it lightly so that my ankles had edemea just slightly so that i noticed there was something wrong for more than one day. I have noticed that when they try to induce ilness or malady they try to do it so the victim thinks it is a real malady. They did heart attack symptoms like that. If i hadnt had it done to me several dozen times before it might have worked. everyone gets the heart attack symptoms syop and the edema syop.

8:59pm I am getting depressed and angry about being designated a TERRORIST by my Government. I don’t do any of the things i used to love to do like hiking and photography. I do take pictures for evidence of my subjugation but its not the same. i spend all day, every day sitting in front of a computer in order to develop a way to stop Corporate harassment contractors from torturing me. there is no way to shield and there is no way to effectively stop the contractors.

The handler is causing my stomach to gurgle now and it seems like it is having great fun doing this. earlier Donna and I went to Brookings and were both hurt with em weapons there. i had a beam go through my right chest and out my stomach. Just playing. this equipment is amazing since these morons can do so many tricks and traps. the gurgling has been going on all afternoon

2:48pm Donna was beat up last night and sleep deprived. I couldn’t help her and must accept the childish games of these brutish thugs. I am getting forced sleep through out the morning and afternoon. The thing that bothers me the most is that this handler group prevents couples from having intimacy. I will never forgive them for that and i will make sure to get justice after this crime is over. These brutish thugs will be reminded of their crimes the rest of their days. Intimacy prevention is a 10 out of 10 in the inhumanity scale. I am sure they think its funny but they have gotten themselves into the world of paying back their debt to society
handler is irradiating a boil infection this handler gave me yesterday. It is rather large, about 1.5 inches diameter. i have nivea creme on it to reject the electric current the handler is sending to me. this is ELF I believe.

1:41am Handler/contractor shooting beam into my temple. This is imposing and brutal attempt to get me to break out. These people need to break me this month. They will try their best and bring out every trick in thick and trap book. I need to resist and keep a low profile so that i do not get into a problem. no police and no hospital..

2:21am I am being kept awake and my brain is fogged and the pain is in my right temple
there is a resonance beam in my left temple and seemingly goes through my head.

i am not an enemy of the state but the homeland security is waging war on me. The people who handle me are across the street i believe. They are contractors who work for a private company or corporation which pays them to harass me every day. The tactics of this harassment is spelled out in homeland security documents.


Donna Wilkinson. We are both elderly, over 65 and mind our own business and try to be good neighbors.


tell about freedom to take legal action

exdplain about retaliation and abuse

7:19pm continue ntt torture log
the handler/contractor causing brain fog by irradiating me with ELF energy (Extremely Low Frequency). Also my body and nerves are shaking from this so I will go take a shower to wash off chemicals splashed or sprayed on me.

6:25pm My Slave Handler in the Crook House keeps a resonance beam on my brain and keeps my blood pressure elevated as a reminder to make me stop doing activism. I am being murdered but is life worth living, so much that I would stop activism. This handler is an example of the worst people in this country. This person Subjugates me and keeps me off balance and sick so that IT can keep sucking off the teat of trough contractors who have thrown their lot in with the sick government Golumized Trolls. Is this what the Crooks really are, selfish, greedy trolls who would take and use human beings like animals?

I remember the time I was beaten electronically, so badly with this electronics that my eye was shut and collored Black and throbbing due to blunt force trauma and still this monster would not stop beating me. This was last May 2016. I have been beaten since I have been living here more severely than anywhere else I have lived. The handlers i have had who work at the house across the street, are the most brutal, depraved sociopath I have encountered. These people are predators like the sexual predators who rape children. You have only heard of the tortures who went to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to supposedly extract confessions from poor unfortunates. But these HUMAN HANDLERS are TORTURERS who are here in your midst. Hell, they are your neighbors!!

My Human Handler has been harassing me by changing the note I am writing with another note to stop me from writing. I had to disconnect the note from Evernote to stop it. Evernote has been an invaluable aid to my writing about the inhuman torture i must endure. This is because it is automatically backed up to the Evernote server and is protected against deletion by saving everything and if fully recoverable. Ouch, as the handler clamps down on my brain with ELF energy. This person is as sick and absolutely insane as one can be. It is lucky that the internet protocol IT is using (SCADA equivalent) Keeps track of its users. Everything is tracked and kept in perpetuity. The moron handler think they will be free from prosecution but there is no way that will happen. It only happened before because people didnt know what went on. This time around the people will want blood and let that be the blood sport.

this monster is putting more power into the energy he/she attacks me with. I am sitting on my sofa working on my computer. This slave handler is sitting down and watching an image of me. It is carefully examining it as she turns up the power and slowly i begin to feel the pressure in my face indicating hypertension is increasing. i think the reason for this is that the beam is reducing the flow of blood, so my heart has to work harder. I am experiencing more rapid heart rate and high blood pressure, tightening in my throat and my face feels puffy as it always does when i have hypertension I was just thinking that these contractors like to give their victims an affliction like hypertension, fibromyalgia, edema, boils, burns etc. I wonder what percentage of people with hypertension dont have hypertension at all, but have a slave handler doing this to them. From what I know of this crime, there are thousands of these people and their contractor money troughs are full. They always seem to get the funds and technology to break through any attempts to block them. This truly is a war on the citizens. Do the crooks realize they are traitors? They spy on and attack people in their homes. This is treason and eugenics and murder and torture ….

2:27am The Slave Handler has been trying very hard to break up our (Donna and my) relationship. This goes on every day and I have been logging what was done but now what the object was in many but not all cases. For instance, while we were talking, the slave handler was poking me in the jaw with a beam that resonated with my jaw and it felt like i was being hit in the face with a solid object. you can’t explain it and sounds bad. This kid of thing goes on all the time. when there is an argument the slave handler immediately turns up the brain entrainment and somehow gives me a drug that makes me and others angry and agitated. I use the word agitated because there is no drug that gives that feeling because it is TORTURE.

11/20/2016 1:24pm
im listening to renatas conf. call with Donna. im being attacked with gurgling in my intestines. This is caused by a resonance beam heating what is inside to microbial gases to form quickly. the main energy source is coming from across the street at crooks house. Also there is a flash of a pain in my right ankle. instead of doing what I like, I must constantly research this technology and how to stop it. That is all I do now because my life is ruined and i am always in pain. I do not enjoy life anymore and i want to die.

8:32pm because of the contractor handlers my life will be shortened by 10 to 20 years
this gives the US a share of the social security trust fund that can be sold to the people today to get more out of them now.

12:49pm The muscles in both my left and right arms and the skin on top are getting nerve damage which is called neuropathy.
the feeling is now unpleasant to touch the skin of those places. They are doing this when they think i wont notice, but now i am noticing that the nerves in my arms are dying. Medically it is called neuropathy which is the painful feeling when you touch or rub skin where there is neuropathy. The contractor handler has been shooting me with an acoustic or infrasound weapon to the inside of my right bicep, just above the elbow. On my left arm, the neuropathy is on the inside of my forearm next to the elbow. The neuropathy in those places is due to the ongoing abuse by my contractor handler who has been shooting me in those places since I have been here in Gold Beach.

1:36pm the contractor handler is entraining my brain again. The holidays are always bad because the contractors are aware that for many, the holidays can be deadly so they double down on TORTURE. Look at my worst burns and you will see that they come on Christmas Eve in 2015 .


The torture tonight is different that normal.  it is more focused and meant to get our (Donna and my) attention.  They want us to act out and because we know this then we have the structure to keep calm.  I have to feel as if I am not afraid of dying.   I am speaking like this because i know murder for hire contractors are watching everything iI do and use anything to their advantage.   The handler is harassing me on the computer by switching windows and also switching the notes i am writing on.  They always torture me but sometime they start putting it all together in a way that shows me that they want something.  At this time I would say that they want me to go to the hospital on a 72 hour hold or to jail.  I just need to remain focused.  

I am listening to Caravan to midnight with the Bundy women and the Lavoy Finicum’s  survivors.  It makes me angry that Lavoy Finicum was gunned down as he stood there with his hands up. 
I bought a rifle last week and the background check is being held up.  I need to remember that and get them to move on it.  I think it is due to harassment.  They cant find anything and they are stalling.
4:36am the boils are starting out in earnest now and this is being done to further harass me.  the holidays are a time of celebration and happiness.  The contractors use holidays as a time for extra harassment.   This is done to push someone over the edge.  
7:35pm  sitting in the bedroom with Donna and listening to Ellas conference call with Deb Jordan and Spencer carter.  I am getting hit im my brain with elf energy from across the street.
Mobbing is what is happening now and that is when the three local contractors join in to all at the same time shoot or gang up on one person.  They all have energy weapons to hit me with.
9:00pm the murder for hire contractor is forcing me to sleep all day.  It is as if I am coming to consciousness over and over again through out the day.  There is ELF radiation i think aimed at me as I sit on my sofa at all times.  This is coming from the south west at about 10 degrees up angle where the house is located across the street.  It is aimed at me in the bedroom of 94263 1st st and I have a directional meter to provide me with the direction of the energy source..


Satellite technology and crimes against humanity

Fw: Satellite technology and crimes against humanity   Inbox x Political       Ken Rhoades <> Jul 31  KENNETH Satellite technology and crimes against humanity  —– Forwarded Message —– From: Jeff Murray <> To: Jeff Murray <> Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2016 9:45 PM Subject: Satellite technology and crimes against humanity Dear Sir/Madam    … Read more…

Whats with the Contractors who Torture Targeted Individuals

With regard to the Contractor handler’s who Torture Targeted Individuals,  For this writing i will assume the Reader is a TI.  Doesn’t it seem like Guantanamo prison was there just to get people used to torture?  I mean the war was fake; it was for profit.  There was no enemy because it was the US … Read more…

The Brain Mapping Project: Obama’s Brave New World–The Loss of Free Will

The Brain Mapping Project: Obama’s Brave New World–The Loss of Free Will [reblogged from Dave Hodges Common Sense show] See Authors website for more: original air date 3/28/2016 President Obama is making new investments in the “BRAIN” Initiative — a bold new research effort to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind and uncover new … Read more…

Neighborhood Watch GONE BAD

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NTT Torture Log for October, 2016


3:46p being hit with a resonance weapon to the left temple.  This is the state of Gold Beach as a retirement mecca.  Military contractors are torturing people in their homes with military grade psychotronic weapons.   In case you don’t know I am talking about mind control weapons.  You have neighborhood watch/mind control/psychological operations operators doing their syops from the ground up.   This is an attack on the people of this town and at the same time, the people of America.   The contractors are traitors to America because the Government has been taken over by spy agencies and Corporations.  The Corporations are KING today which of course is FASCISM.   This shows that the elections are a sham.  They are molifying the people into thinking they have a choice but you do not have a choice.  The contractors know it.  Why not come to ask them personally?  This is an occupying force of mercenaries working for the enemy.  They really are cowards and do not have the stomach to fight anyone, but they bully and harass old men and women and children.  they just want to sit in the comfort of their own homes and torture the towns citizenry and make BIG Bucks…  They chose to come here here to this small American town, while they are torturing people in an attempt to take over and turn this town into in to a turnkey prison.  I am still a good American and will work and fight to break free of tyranny.  I think the problem of hurting people is greed.  Also I dont think they realize that They are in fact declaring war on all Americans by hurting only a few.  You see, I have the same rights as any other American.  This means that since government contractors Believe they have the right to TORTURE me at will, then I have no rights because the Government took them away.  Then you can plainly see that the people have no rights either, because we are all EQUAL.  This is not a trick.  Its the same way other Police States were mad that way.  Heading toward Darkness is always gradual as it fades to black.  By the way, these contractors are making almost $100 per hour so that a 12 hour shift is twelveHunaDolla dont you know.  I wonder if they would have ever thought there would be monetary collapse where the dollar with be virtually worthless?   You see the contractors are all wrapped up in torture and the mechanics of torture and psychos and where they will go to spend their Fortune, that they didn’t really think about it not turning out happily ever after.  I mean sure they are Okay with murder, but when it comes to their creature comforts they have to draw the line somewhere.

if anyone is investigating these people, you have to realize that there was not a lot of empathy to begin with.  This is a control job and if you think about all the predators there are in this country you will come to understand that any predatory human would want to have this very job controlling and torturing citizens.  Oh and they really do think of it as a job 🙂   Looking at the traits of predators, you see that control is a big reason to take the job and Fear and intimidation come in close behind.  Add in to that the fact that their employer told them they would not get into trouble, even if they cause deaths and intense Suffering.   Then you realize that the ones who stay are the ‘crem de’ la crem” of Predators :).   So now it is apparent why and how those sociopaths came think they could rape and kill their Jewish neighbors. I mean its obvious isnt it that the Nazis told them they could do it.  So naturally they raped the women and beat everyone to death.  Doesnt it make perfect sense now?  OH, you dont think so? well i guess you had to be there.  When someone in the corporation says they wont get in any trouble if they Torture and kill people in the privacy of their own homes then something clicks inside the sociopaths head.  Then there are thousands… no … Millions of sociopaths thinking the same thing at the same time and you have a millions points of light.  It becomes a real idea and the sociopaths begin getting out of debt and thinking about luxury trips elsewhere.  But then in the end it is just murder.  They realize that in the light of considering what they did, is war crimes, that maybe they should have checked to see if this idea of torture and killing had ever been done in other countries  before.   Gee they were a little quick to raise their true colors.  The CIA coined the term BLOWBACK to describe the violent reaction of the public to the crimes they would commit.  Blowback… it has an explosive ring to it.

Ken Landau 4pm

my brain was fried with ELF all morning.  This happens daily now and there is entrainment and it feels like my brain has a grasping claw holding it for hours.  Showers help to remove the chemical electrolytes on me.  On Sunday though the chemicals were put into my food.  This happens to TI’s a lot, especially if they dont know about this chemical aspect.  It is both a drug


I read where Mark Rich thinks the sociopaths who torturer people now, must have made a deal with corporate and government officials long ago.  I believe him because its the only way this system could have gotten up to speed is if the sociopaths made a deal before everything got as bad as it is now.  This means that they colluded with other to commit treason against America and the people.  This was a conspiracy and that is when many people conspire to commit crimes together to overturn in this case AMERICA.  But we are talking about the Elite and remember that they have in mind killing 90% of the population.  So it stands to reason that these predators actually think they will be indispensable killers of the population.  This is how the morons took over Germany in wwII.  I bet they thought the war would never end and it is what the morons who are torturing TI’s think.  I can tell by the way they just go on and on every day torturing us to death.  They do not think we will ever do anything but i know that most will not do anything but there are a growing number who can and will do something.  I will go to my US representative and demand action on this as i explain it to him in low and unwavering tones.  I will go back again and again until he or she does something.  I will display the injuries i have and show them to others until it makes them sick.

Oct. 6, 2016


I am being murdered for shure now.  I realized this torturer is many things, like handler who handles me for human experimentation punisher to punish me for supposed wrongs i have done Now i see that this torturer is a member of a DEATH SQUAD.


11:43am  I am being irradiated in my bed at the moment.  my head and face are sweating profusely.  The Mercs are killing me and my fiancee.  she is 71 and they kept her up all night..

today was Bill Binney on Ellas call.  He will lead the way to investigating and researching the targeted individual tortures and abuses.


1:45pm  sitting on my couch in the living room a beam on my hand as i am guiding the mouse for my computer.  I move and it moves then I move and it…..  WOWIE what a job  But see, the thing is I am forced to move in order to continue to live.

Donna says she is getting sick.  Her handler keeps her up all night.  what the hell is going on with these morons.

1:56am  I am seeing over the past few days that The handlers have been deleting my files from my backups.  This includes back taxes and employment records and images and videos.  They deleted everything from whole directories.  They left only things which I have no use for. Richard Mckinny is in on this as well as the Crook family.  I had pictures of Mckinny and some other men who were taking photos last month and they were blacked out and illegible but they existed.  significant time was spent removing those images.

My right  ear drum has progressed from an occasional bump …bump into the wild bumpity bumpity rata tat tat that it is now.  Its ridiculous that these morons would sit there and make those sounds in my ear.  it seems like they are flicking the rfid chip with current to do that.  Because what could cause that.  I have a degree in biology and i know it takes a nerve to trigger a muscle that leads to my ear drum.  the beats are varying and not any particular speed so that my heart can be ruled out.  That leaves what…. nothing but the morons imagination.  At first i only suspected that these people were not bright.  But as time went on and i realized that most of what they do is syops and what i am expected to believe, I now realize to my surprise that they are not only stupid but they are very stupid.  They have no imagination and do not plan.  Every day is like the last and they do not keep accurate records.  They are getting paid 1200 bucks a day and they are morons.  Their idea is to keep the money coming in and do as little work as possible.   These peiople absolutely hate themselves and have no self respect.  As sociopaths they have no life, spending 12 hours per day alone and sitting in a chair watching me on a terminal.  I am their whole life and they hate me for it and so they hate themselves.  They throw caution to the wind and ignore the dangers of torturing someone across the street, when they know that others know where they are and can come in anytime.   They will ignore the dangers and continue doing crimes right up until the police come to take them away.  They all must have had some kind o f trauma happen to them because only hurt people hurt other people.  Either that or they enjoy torturing people for its own sake.  These are predators plain and simple, the same as child molesters and rapists.  They have a need to be controlling someone else.

They are keepig my brain entrained most every day as they play the bump bumps in my right ear.  In addition they are constantly hurting my thumbs and toes on my feet.  Also they send frequencies to torture my feet and legs most of the time.  This is a full day of torture.   This is a typical day of full torture that i and given.  I think the bump bumps are a skinner box experiment to anchor me to some torture that they do in conjunction with the bumps.  I will see as this progresses.  I have just flowed from only part time bumps when lying on my ear to bumps when not lying on my right ear.  I have been the recipient of skinner box experiments before on several occasions.

at this moment a beam is coming into my throat above the adams apple.  I think its ultrasonic and its displacing my and hurting my lower jaw.  Im pretty sure this is punitive for writing this update so the handler is hurrying me along.

8:55PM  My handler keeps causing me to itch my face.  It seems like something the handler/MERCS need to be able to do.  The itch seems like a needle is gently pushed into a pore.  it is very compelling and very very hard to resist.



borax soap + apple cider vinigar

42394 kyle ti

electro magnetic intelligence   ELMINT


10:08pm Im sitting down on the couch in the upstairs bedroom after finishing supper with Donna when all of a sudden the cloth in my pants start vibrating against the skin of my left knee.  This is strong radiation.  Bringing up the android directional meter quickly tells me it is coming from the south southeast.  at the same angle and direction as the house across the street. where the crooks live.  They dont even have the decency to let us have a moment to finish our ice cream after dinner.  but that is the point, they do not have any decency at all.  They are torturers and people who would take money to hurt their own countrymen.  This is a big deal since it slams the constitution into the sewer by spitting on the right to privacy and the right to be secure in ones own person and effects.  I am not a terrorist but the morons who torture me are terrorists and Traitors.  There should be a rope to fix this.  They think they are just doing a job but that tired old phrase was used 70 years ago at the Nuremberg trials and the people who phrased it were hung too.  We will need another round of Nuremberg trials to drive the point home that Helping to commit genocide is a crime punishable by death by hanging.  Who ever heard of irradiating senior citizens in their homes anyway.  We are in our late 60’s and 70’s.  I think when the people find out they will drag these contractor morons from their homes with ropes by their necks.  the contractors are driving a wedge of distrust and fear among the members of the community.  They have lied to many of the community members and Donna and I will personally go around to each door and set them straight.

This handler doesnt like what i am saying is punishing me for it, but it is true and i wont hold back.  there is no war on and the people who are being tortured have not done anything wrong.  The Corporations who designed this human experimentation meat grinder wanted people to fill the ranks to see how the program worked and if it could supply victims for experimentation and then see if the morons doing the torture could kill them off.  The people who designed this program were smart, but the people implementing it are useful idiots who havent got any empathy nor do they care about people.  We are supposed to be getting along and help our neighbors and not hurt and kill them.  We are supposed to have a currency crisis I hear.  This could cause a food and water crisis.   I think the designers of this murder for hire program had that in mind to have these morons spread fear apprehension among the citizens.  what better way to strike fear among the people than to have contractors rousing false suspicions about terrorism when the contractors themselves in fact are the terrorists!  The Government is run by ROGUE agents .. It is the shadow Government Glenn Greenwald warned us about.  Now they are here and causing havoc   Its time to come to arms and take back our land from these Thugs.

I ask the people of this town, to come and talk to me and Donna about what I say.  I would like to speak to the city council who could ask me questions.  I can have other experts join in from else where in the country.  We are elderly and not exactly the threat these rabble rousing thugs portray us to be.  Just look at my website, .  I have injuries to prove what i say.  I am burned by directed energy  and have been given infections constantly since coming to Gold beach.  Compare the infections prevalent on my pictures to the Guatemalan and Tuskegee experiment victims.  You will see that it is Human Experimentation against my will.  No one could get that many boils and infections in the normal course of life.  These infections were induced.

3:03am The morons are getting restless.  My handler is aiming beams at my foot, my head and my neck and whatever now.  she is like an octopus shooting me randomly and aggressively



my head hurts and my brain feels like it has something grabbing it like a large eagle grabs a mouse from mid air.  While on the other hand the Merc is getting actionalble intelligence by putting high voltage power into my brain and seeing that there is a difference between me sitting comfortably and writhing in pain and this handler is going to eak every thing to do with terrorism out of me even if it kills me.  My handler even thinks there may be some actionable intelligence hidden


7:30pm  To show what a neighbor who pushes their power to torture you with RADAR to the hilt until you are exploring ways of stopping the torture that you hear for had not thought about, I offer you the following scenario.   I have a Netgear Router which takes an internet signal and projects it out to the users in 4 separate channels.  Two of them are in the 5GHz range and 2 channels are in the 2.4GHz range.  Now Usually you would put the usual short name which tells what it is eg Netgear24.  its not very provocative, but now we have 4 phrases which all the neighbors around us see.  I have the following 4 channels.  I only use 1 but the others are visible.  I also use a directional meter on my android cellphone.  The Handlers are intimidated by me knowing exactly where they are!  Think about it and you will see that I am intimidating them and driving them to quit their jobs by making their jobs that much harder more dangerous than  ordinarily they would have been.

This shows both handlers and others that a TI lives here that we are the targets the perps lie about and now they have to modify their lies to incorporate that we know who they are and are fighting back and that we are not the easy targets they have heard about.  This is embarrassing and at the same time threatening and long term depressing to the perps since people ask questions and both Donna and I are happy to answer questions about them and our targeting.  This is a losing situation for the perps, fraught with danger since we are happy tol send anyone to their door who will help drive them out.

These short statements are what is known as the SSID or title of channels on my Router.   That is when you connect to a router, the name is shown.  So, each short statement is the name of a channel to connect to in my router.   These tell people who wish to connect to my router or can see my router as they connect to their own, that I am a political prisoner.   It shows that I am being Tortured and also that I am being held in virtual prison against my will.   Holding me and torturing me as a prisoner and slave being used for human experimentation is a war crime.  I or My heirs will charge the perpetrators for criminal penalties and damages when this crime is over.

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10/17/16 Monday
I am listening to binaural beats 9hz. It will take a little time to see if it does any good. My handler shocked my brain with at least three jolts in rapid succession. I think it was supposed to scare me. This scare thing happens a lot and i am not scared but i think maybe this foolish girl should be afraid of me. The only men over there are cowards.who will protect her or is she man enough to protect herself.

4:00AM why in the hell would the moron handler hit the inside of my forearm with a pain beam. It looks like she wants me to know she is there. But listen, she is right across the street in a house. She and the one on the second shift, torture me every day. Am I powerless or non threatening? I think anyone who is tortured is a potential break out candidate. So what do the handlers do?, they keep torturing and torture extra once a week or so.
my brain is untrained and i think the project for today is to work on hypertension as much as possible and see if she can pop my eyes out of their sockets.

This man has done nothing wrong worked all his life and earned three college degrees so he could work with computers at the engineer level because he enjoyed it.  He was unlucky to been illegally chosen by a Corporation who has committed the crime of taking away his human rights and his freedom by putting him in a virtual prison and subjugating him and exposing him to torture.  No  country or Corporation or individual has the right to take a mans right to freedom away without even offering him the right to say anything in his defense.   This United States of America is also guilty due to their silence in the matter.  In addition the Contractors are the most guilty of all because it is they who have actually carried out the crimes.

I have made a short story about a fictional girl who has taken a torture job.  I use traits of a sociopath to form her personality.  Any likeness to a real person is purely coincidental.  She has agreed to take illegal orders from a Corporation to hurt people and illegally take away their rights.

At this same time the girl slaves over a hot monitor to make the old man as uncomfortable as possible. The girl actually hates her job and she hates the old man because he reminds her of her father and all the failed relationships she has had. She has even tried lesbianism but that just as bad as men since it has the same relationship thing.
She says. Torturing people doesnt give me the enjoyment i thought it would. I love the money and all the high fives and everything but its so boring watching that old man all the time.
You see, like all of the torturers, she is on the low IQ side if you know what i mean. They used to keep track of the Torture Interrogators going in and out of Guantanamo Bay Cuba. She especially liked the rectal feedings that some of the terrorists were getting and she thought …. “I can do that… and it looks like fun too” But the job is just not hands on and is all remote and the old man doesnt do anything exciting. “This is more like mass assembly line torture in a prison, she exclaims and it isnt any fun”
She has nothing to compare it to since They didnt have slaves in America for a long time.
“Now I will have to torture and kill for years so that I can give my daughter the kind of life I had as a child.” The poor little girl wonders how America got to have slaves again? Like i said, she is not smart.  Now however, we must change history to add that America now has Slaves who are owned by Corporations.

the following is what i wrote tonight  as a post on Facebook.  it inst finished and i want to add to it.  but as it is it makes sense if you first listen to the short version of John Perkins video which is 10 minutes aprox.  My hope is that it will make you want to read or listen to an audio book by him entitled Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man.  you can also listen to or watch the 1+ hour version.  I was awakened to see the truth about what is really going on in America.  John Perkins will tell you he was an economic hit man who subjugated countries so they could be asset stripped by American corporations.  This is also now the fate of America unfortunately.   There is no more time to wait around because we are one second from midnight to doom.  If you have heard of the last days of Rome, this is somewhat like that.  America is at war with the people.  The very existence of Targeted Individuals  (for use as SLAVES!!!???) SHOULD SCREAM THAT THIS IS EXCESS.  These moron contractors are being used too.  Think about it for a minute.  Would a democratic, legitimate Government do what you see happening if they cared about the people?  The Elite are virtually grabbing the cash register as they run out the door like thieves.  America will be no more and they dont care one iota what happens to you unless they want you dead.  If you really want to be a hero instead of a fake junior G-man you should get some friends together and give these morons one day to get out of town.  Take a good close look at one or more of them.  You will see that they are phonies and charlotans who are there to get rich quick.  They make about $100 per hour.  They will in military parlance, destabalize the neighborhood by making everyone paranoid and fearful.  Does theat sound like what you want to have happen.  Well it will unless you do something about it.  YOU ARE THE ONES YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.!

  1. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – (FULL AUDIO BOOK)   From the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, comes an exposé of international corruption, and an inspired plan to turn the tide for future generations
  2. John Perkins: “Confession of an Economic Hitman” (short ver) Listen to this if you have not heard it.  here’s a 10min version
  3. The never ending war on terror results in big money security contractors infiltrating your neighborhood and watching you. They are watching you. They will say they are watching some poor slob whos life they have virtually taken and used and ruined and they have subjugated in a virtual prison right in plain sight. They use these targeted individuals for human experiments and they are slaves to corporations in biomedical experimentation for now. But make no mistake about it, they are watching you. if you have new neighbors and they tell you about a poor slob who is a frigging terrorist in your midst. You have got a big problem. not with the poor slob who they say is a terrorist …no he has a death contract out on him and is dead for all intents and purposes. They will hook you in by gettig you to accept money or work or anything like agree to anything. They are actually from the first contact with you, putting you under surveillance. They are collecting data on you and they will target you if they see any hint that you really know what is going on. These people are terrorists and will destabalize the neighborhood. Before they came, neighbors would help each other and now they will mistrust eachother and outsiders and they will be fearful. No more freindly and helpful neighbors which is what we needed. When up financial upheaval occurs it may cause war in the neighborhoods resulting from mistrust and sudden necessity.
  4. if you have these private Corporate contractors they you have neighbor Watchers. You are on your own and personally, i think you should not talk to them except to run them out of your neighborhood. They are part of your mandatory surveillance. They wil try to tempt you with obscene profits from the subjugation of someone who they will say is a terrorism suspect and is under investigation. Really, would any sane authority let a terrorism suspect run loose? it doesn’t pass the smell test unless you are a moron. So we are supposed to believe they now have jail in public now and they are the chosen jailers for this poor slob. Let me tell you that they are using this person for human experimentation and he is virtually dead. He or she is bait to ensnare you over the long term while they watch YOU. You had a neighborhood watch program but now it is a NEIGHBOR WATCH PROGRAM. you see what I mean dont you. They will act like they are there to help you but they will gain your confidence and use you and surveill you and you would like how it turns out.. These are really confidence men and women. They will use and watch everyone. I dont think these contractors know the extent of what they are truely there for. You see they are greedy sociopaths who think they have found the job of a lifetime but they are in for the wild ride to hell of their lifetime that they will never ascend out of. Their boss is a psychopath who is handled by other psychopaths and whos agenda can change the way the winds of profit and war change.  There is a war on the people as you can plainly see that poor slob terrorism suspect… WOW.  If they get you to swallow that, no wonder 911 worked so well.  Also you would be rescuing that poor slob who they have one foot int the grave..   You dont want to be an item of conversation with those people if you can help it. Look at the casual way they walk around, having no visible means of support, because they are on the hook of corporate psychopaths. You should be very afraid. Just look at the poor slob they have in virtual prison. they will try to make that out to be a good thing. So how can using someone for a slave and shooting them with energy weapons be a good thing. This should be case closed unless you are a moron.

11:00pm Today was rough. All day the morons hurt my brain with ELF. It is terrible when you cannot stay awake and this has been the case all day. Donna was also falling asleep. I am reminded of all of the first responders that took part in this crime and how they took away our rights. I am aware that many people are traitors who have sided with the shadow government and are considered traitors by most of the nation. In fact the real patriots with guns are now considering the necessity of taking out the trash. This as i am bombarded with directed energy while i sit on my sofa in my own house. We have morons right across the street who are primarrily greedy individuals who drank the cool and agreed with corporate stooges that our neighbors for the first time in history need to be injured inside their own homes and if they resist then they must be hospitalized as insane. Well isnt it really the neighbors who went along with this who are crazy. You know they are crazy. They think they are self important and must be making big money so they must be very important. but they are important for the reason of being dangerous to themselves or others. They are murders and are spying on all the neighbors. They are the NEIGHBOR WATCH…Notice we took the HOOD out of neighborhood watch. This is because its true that they are spying on all the neighbors. They are not just spying on the designated old man and old woman who have been SACRIFICED so the corporations and OH DONT FORGET THE DIRECTED ENERGY NEIGHBORS WHO SPY ON EVERYONE. Yes how could we forget the dumb ass, self appointed ass holes who want to be the neighborhood cops and do gooders. They are not so good after all. As the designated old man with $$ on his head and whos life is worthless, i can tell you they are absolutely brutal cave man type who would kill their own mother for $100.  These torturers dont know it themselves but they are no longer human beings.  I am not the only one who thinks so.  They have tasted blood.   Stop and think for a minute, what would it take to get normal people to MURDER their neighbor.

  1. Would it take an agency like DEPT. OF HOMELAND SECURITY to put your neighbor on a WATCH list?
  2. Maybe another neighbor said they SAW SOMETHING AND SO THEY SAID SOMETHING
  3. Or Maybe I reported my former employer to the EEOC because I was illegally fired from the last job I had and could never work again because i was put on a black list by morons who didnt want me to be able to get justice from the Lee county School District because what else is INFRAGUARD.ORG for.
  4. Would we need an event like 9/11 to galvanize the people into thinking that we were attacked by men with box cutters and out own military stood down.  But now the neighbors have Military Energy Weapons and now they are BRAVE enough to stand up to the ELDERLY..
  5. Wow are they brave neighbors now.
  6. The neighbors who kill are experts in spying on dangerous old people who are apparently did i say dangerous.  You see I am 65 and my acomplice is 72 and we are very very dangerousl… did we say dangerous…. we are retired.    So we need to be bombarded with DIRECTED ENERGY so we are made SAFE.  For instance i am so SAFE NOW I FEEL LIKE DYING.
  7.   I have a directional meter and know for sure who they are and they are in the house across the street.
  8. The neighbors who DIRECT ENERGY AT OTHER NEIGHBORS  are STUPID.  Its true because a movie could be made about them and how the work and what goes through their M I N D S heading towards randomness.   This is the same mind of INFRAUARD.ORG .  They know 911 was and inside job yet they persist in beloieving it because they are TRAITORSS and since they take money to ignore the truth they are willing to DESTROY THEIR COUNTRY AND EVERYONE IN IT INCLUDING THEIR OWN CHILDREN.  Now you have to admit that is pretty stupid.
  9. But then what do I know, I am just an old man terrorist sitting in my own house.


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Citizen Journalist Questions the Focus Of US Federal Law Enforcement

Most paid informants are not fighting terrorism, but rather they are being used mainly to suppress dissent and accelerate civil asset seizure from the American middle class. How-we-are-creating-active-shooters  Sunday, November 29, 2015 Source: Citizen Journalist Questions the Focus Of US Federal Law Enforcement: How We Are Creating Active Shooters This blog details a harassment campaign … Read more…

Prevent criminals from claiming ignorance of the crime

This is a scenario I thought about where you can see if you want to do this to bring this crime to peoples attention.  Check it out. find a lawyer  to draw up warning papers warning potential perpetrators of your intent to hold them liable for helping these contractors working under the guise of security professionals. … Read more…

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