Curry County District Attorney Brings Organs Of State Violence To Bear On Innocent Elderly, Activist, Retired Man on the Terrorist Watch as Targeted Individual in Port Orford Oregon is GENOCIDE and ORGANIZED CRIME


    1. how come a 67 year old man who has no criminal record and a history of activism is on the terror watch list?  Seriously, come up with an answer because we will ask you this in a formal setting and will expect a formal answer.  Are you really on the side of the enemy or are you wimps who just do as you are told? [continued]

This is a message to Police, Sheriffs deputies; Military; Swat teams; district attorneys and control people everywhere globally.   The reason this happened is because The Deep State which is the enforcement arm of the government is now killing activists, Whistleblowers, Journalists Who Tell Truth, 

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Asset Stripping The Middle Class, Made Possible By The Unconstitutional County Sheriff

Asset stripping is repurposing assets like my driveway to be stripped away and then sold illegally and reaped as profits by contractors.  This is the real purpose of the contractors.

  • You say the FBI is ordering you to take my property and they are paying you for that.
  • STOP, and look what is going on.
  • Do you really think Donna and James are terrorists?
  • Simply, I am an activist who telling the truth about Government lies and corruption, so we are being murdered by contractors and anyone else who they can get to join in.
  • FACT:  the contractors are DEATH SQUADS who are killing activists in their own homes

I want to tell my story about the meaning of the harassment by two neighbors on mill pond road, against Donna and me.

  1. The first thing is to notice what is apparently happening instead of blindly listening to the Homeland Security explanation you are presented with
  2.  So, is it apparent that these neighbors want me to leave?
  3. In addition, when I sell or die, my property will be sold without a driveway which was illegally stolen by neighbors.
  4. the property will be flipped and the driveway asset will be added back.
  5. This is what is apparently happening.
  6. Neighbors will say we are crazy.  Remember, they are apparently forcing us off the land with a psychological operation
  7. Now compare that to their Psychological Operation in a STREET THEATER PRESENTATION.
  9. FACT, some of the contractors actually refer to us as cattle.
  10. This is in fact HUMAN TRAFFICKING which is also called SLAVERY.  since it puts them in a virtual electronic concentration camp, it strips their assets against their will and uses them as BioMedical Research Subjects against their will.
  11. Think of this::  what I am saying can be checked out and verified.
  12. The worst part is that this is TROJAN HORSE SURVEILLANCE, that is it they are surveilling everyone in town with Through Wall Radar  to see inside your home.  They can hear what you hear and see what you see.  It is fact, so dont believe me, check it out.

The first thing you see upon coming to my house is the provocatively vulgar signs on my neighbors fence right across from my house to the east of my property.  The land owner, says the signs are in retaliation my writing a story about his involvement in Donna’s and my subjugation with MkUltra torture and abuse.  It is a fact that I can write a story which tells the truth about what is going on here.  This is a complicated issue about what are called Targeted Individuals.  To understand it you should look further into my website: .  The Intelligence agencies have taught people to say Targeted Individuals are crazy.  But I tell people that there are two kinds of people

1) People who are targeted and dont know they are targeted.

2) People who are targeted and want to escape the targeting.

In other words, everyone is targeted and if you dont want to be targeted, you better stop surveillance abuse now.

The contractors will tell people that targeted Individuals (TI’s) need to be watched under surveillance.  The Contractors mislead citizens telling them we are under surveillance.

But Surveillance is not TORTURE, so tell them what is really going on.

Torture is not surveillance, TORTURE IS TORTURE! Get it right.  DOD Mercenary Contractors intentionally mislead people always using the word surveillance which gives the wrong impression.

There are 80% women in this program.  So why are they torturing mostly women.  Its because they need to cause them be in pain and to produce lots of cortisol.  Hospitals and universities are doing brain research and they need torture victims to have lighted neurons and pain receptors so they can follow the signals within the complicated wiring of brain and nervous system.  So Torture is to light up the nervous system for better viewing! This is why they torture TI’s.  So, Yes, women make better medical test sub test subjects.  There are women of all ages, from children up to 90 years.  It runs in families and so there are many children and even babies in the womb being tortured in this program.  The men are mostly activists who are in the program for telling the truth, because the elite dont want people to find out what they are doing to them.

Did you know that the bosses of this CIA Phoenix Type program consist of many pedophiles and homosexuals, since as predators they can be control d more easily.  The Intel agencies have control files on people who rise in power, like Top Brass Generals and colonials for instance.  They are encouraged in to pedophilia and gay sex so there is something they can be black mailed for, to keep them under control of New World Order for instance. Shadow Government and the Deep State aparatus make things happen to change the world and you dont know about it. Military top brass Intelligence Officers are beset with homosexuality, pedophilia, and murder. That is they are coerced and controlled through blackmail. The shadow govt. Military feels its existance is threatened, they are afraid billions in Budget will be cut. The shadow government controls Things like GeoEngineering aka chemtrails could be stopped. You dont see the shadow government, but you see the change after it happens. The shadow goverment is responsible for covert wars, Geoengineering to weaponize weather (chemtrais), weaponized satellites, weaponized Cell Towers, political assassinations. 

A neighbor wants to block me from using my own driveway by disallowing me from crossing a strip of his land to get to mine. First, it is not easy to take back an established driveway easement. Doing that would remove our ingress and egress to the property and leave the property land locked. This would mean that Donna and I could no longer use our driveway. You should think about the meaning of this, because The driveway has an established ingress and egress history for my property, dating back more than 20 years, to 1994. If you look closely you can see the gravel which previous have put there to establish the driveway. They would not have graveled the driveway if they thought the driveway was temporary. Also visible in the picture, is the fence posts where the neighbor has put three weeks of work into his fencing us out of our land project.

I dismissed my neighbor, when he told me of his evil, reverse Don Quixote like quest to hurt people and take back an established driveway access easement right. Right before I bought this house for full price of 145,000, I ignored his wishes as the ramblings of an evil old fool, whom Targeted Individuals (ti’s) encounter often, who wish to put stumbling blocks in TI’s way.  I was in a hurry to move since I had to be out of the rental I was in and now think that may have been engineered.

I put all the money I had into this retirement home and from the looks of it the neighbors wishes to prevent the legal owners from accessing and enjoying their land as preposterous. This would reduce the value of the land by a lot, maybe one third as we found out from a real estate broker in Gold Beach. Combining this with the vulgar signage which my neighbor placed there, these evil men have effectively blocked us from selling the land and leaving this place for good. But why would anyone do such a thing? What possible benefit would these neighbors have to block us from selling this land so we could move away? Well as it turns out, the neighbor would benefit by a great deal of money per day if their efforts were successful to block us from selling and moving away. I will soon explain this aspect.

Bear in mind that the use of this driveway in no way affects the neighbors use and enjoyment of his land. He is doing this to be mean, but he says because he wants to secure the boarders of his property. He has worked for three weeks and by that I mean he has put 120 hours of his time into building a fence to prevent Donna and I from using the driveway. But to really get the full flavor of what this neighbor is doing you have to view his home which in back of mine, and compare it with his efforts on this fence. His home is an run down old trailer, replete with many years of oxidized paint and dirt stains indicative of severe and constant neglect. Yes, it comes complete with a toilet sitting on the ground right outside as if that were just the added touch it needed to complete this picture.

Comparing the fence with the neighbors dilapidated house , you can see that his priorities reversed. I say that because his trailer has apparent leaks in his roof as evidenced by tarps all over it and also due to the generally run down and dirty and dilapidated exterior appearance, it is very surprising that he would place a priority on that fence rather than spend his time repairing his house such as it is.
Yet the neighbor has spent weeks working on that fence and making it look pretty and more importantly, Permanent. Yes, this seems to be a psychological operation to make us depressed. We just want to move away and yet this man, receiving help from the Lee county Sheriffs office is doing his best to make something look permanent. He told me not to waste any more money on lawyers. He even spent days planting 8 trees. I will tell you something that should scare you. This is psychopathic in nature, where he is taking away the access of an elderly couple to their home and adding nothing to the value of his land. From the looks of it, he is being paid for what he is doing. It is my opinion as a TI that he has a contract with Homeland Security to harass Donna and I. This would mean that he is denying us access solely due to MKULTRA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL. In addition, the Sheriff of Curry County Oregon is helping this neighbor. I didnt want to believe it but the neighbor called the Sheriff and a deputy came out and told me not to cross his land at the easement driveway spot. I thought the Sheriff was not supposed to induce any bias in the outcome of a dispute. Instead of telling John and I to settle the dispute in court, He could have told neighbor to allow me access to the Driveway until it is settled in court.
Excluding me from using the easement is in effect pre-adjudicating the case. The law states that if the a driveway is used for 10 years, an easement is created. It doesnt matter if the owner wished it to be or not. His problem is that you cant just remove an easement. This pre-adjudicated the case for the sole benefit of this neighbor. WOW! he would have had to take me to court and actually work with me to negotiate fixing the easement. But now thanks to the sheriff interfering in a neighbor dispute, the neighbor benefits handsomely from a decision to prevent Mr. Lico from using the driveway which other home owners have used for almost 25 years as the sole ingress and egress. But now this home owner all of a sudden is blocked from using the existing driveway. The Sheriff captain Ensley said they do not want to interfere and that they want people involved in a dispute to use the courts to resolve their disputes. Yet the Sheriff Ward of Curry County clearly did interfere to benefit Mr Lico’s neighbor directly, reversing established precedent of an easement which has been used for over 20 years plus. I explained to Captain Ensley at the Sheriff office in Gold Beach Oregon, how I was getting the short end of the stick with their decision. the neighbor would have had to take me to court, to prevent me from using the easement, since it is usually difficult to reverse an established easement precedent. But thanks to the Sheriffs office, the burden falls solely on Mr. Lico to prove he can use an established driveway. WTF? Now this neighbor can sit back and collect on something he would have to resolve in court to obtain. This has been disconcerting to us, since Donna and I have actually been interrogated by Captain Ensley as if we are criminals. In addition, Deputy King who has relatives involved in this, actually suggested to Donna that SHE SHOULD CHANGE HER NAME AND MOVE AWAY!! Can you imagine that!

So to sum up, the Sheriff of Curry County, John Ward has presided over a neighbor dispute, enabed this one neighbor to sit back and ignore working with Mr. Lico to resolve a dispute. He has I benefited this neighbor by denying me access to my property and burdening me with all of the responsibility to regain ingress and egress to my property which I had before the sheriff intervened.
I was told it will cost over $10,000 to 20,000 to get access back. Note there are precedents for a home owner who is blocked from any access to his land to regain access, but the problem is proving it. The key point is that due to the sheriff siding in favor of  the neighbor.  In the disclosure of the trial against the Sheriff of Lee county, one of the questions I would like to ask is: Would their be any monetary or other benefit to Mr. Lico’s neighbors which would prevent him from selling and or accessing this land. I have a feeling that Homeland Security and the threat fusion center may come into play here somewhere.

Usually it is difficult to prove harassment, but in this case THE HARASSMENT IS VERY OBVIOUS. I think I would be hard pressed to prove it is anything but harassment! This is all preliminary, as I will support my statements about MKULTRA Trauma based mind control later, probably as part of a court case against Mr. Lico’s neighbors and The Sheriff of Curry County in the near future.

Now I want to show everyone and especially I want to show  the police how all of us are being exterminated.  Even the police will die from what is being done with the Frequencies in the air and the poisons in the air WE BREATHE.  We all breathe the air and WE LIVE IN THE FREQUENCY SOUP.  It is killing us folks and it is killing the Police too and everyone and there are no coincidences regarding this stuff.  This is the way it is on purpose.  Here is a video by Joe Imbriano, who knows what he is talking about.   Also, I have to say again that Both Joe and  I and Jaime Lee and Deborah Tavares are  Targeted Individuals.  Yes, the military is killing us.  The reason for this is that we are telling the truth and the Government doesnt want us to tell people the truth.  That means you are not supposed to know the truth.  But if you do not hear the truth from activists then you will die.  The NWO and the Elites, who ever is making decisions for us are not our friends.  The military and the weaponized morons are killing all of us.  They are killing the truth tellers and they are killing you TOO.  You all need to start using your brain because you are going to need it.  Activists are not your enemy, but the Government and the military and FBI and DHS and CIA , ets etc are your enemy and you need to stop thinking they are GODS.  You need to stop being so frigging greedy and start being human again.  Help people by waking the hell up.  Stop thinking only about yourselves.  The military will keep spraying until the last possible minute, when they cant possibly hide the mess any longer and they are almost there.  It is questionable whether if we stop the spraying now, that we could pull back from the brink of BIOIMPLOSION and OMNICIDE .. that means death of everything due to a collapse of the environment.  Look, there are huge DEAD ZONES in the ocean and places like the GULF OF MEXICO  so that nothing can live, like FOOD ..

IF the oceans die WE ALL DIE



IF THE POLAR ICE CAPS DISAPEAR, THEN SO DO WE (an ice free arctic and south pole is already predicted) Oh, you are not supposed to find out about that.


so now you need to wake up and start giving a crap!  You are Americans.  The COPS are Americans.  How the fuck can you justify killing your own countrymen and think you will not be considered cowardly Traitors.  I know that not all of the police are corrupt but if you are and you keep it up you are killing your self too.  Let that sink in.  It wont be long before you will need to hone your cannibal skills because it will come down to that.  The NWO and the powers that be are leaving America because they have and are asset stripping the middle class.  America is now a third world country and there will be no jobs because industry is gone and even the jobs we had are going because the poorer nations have trained for the high paying jobs.  as a matter of fact, China will be sending their manufacturing structure to the US and it will be low wage 15/hr jobs.  As for the weaponized morons, the pedophile lobby, your bosses are laughing at you morons.  There is talk of 95% depopulation.  First, they dont want idiots like you around anyway and they will especially kill you off. I know you dont think so and maybe you will convince some one of the few pedophiles to keep you around, then just what will you do for them which they cant get a worthy human being to do.  Will you beg for a biscuit like a dog?  Really, get someone to do the math for you and I guarantee that you will go away permanently.  I believe there will be at least a limited civil war in which humans will realize that we need to rid the world of animals like the weaponized morons.  I know that in times past, the family only survived because it would be apparent to the elders that, one of the elders say an uncle would have to take someone like you on a special fishing trip and then the uncle would return home alone.  If you think the awakening masses will be endeared to weaponized morons who are murdering activists who are telling the truth about what is going on and how we can escape being murdered by the pedophile lobby and you folkers, then…

you better sit down and GIVE IT A TINK!

So now here is Joe Imbriano’s video.  

This video tells you how you are being assassinated and how to help others save all of our lives.  The water situation in California is irrelevant.  IN OTHER  WORDS, WE NEED TO START WORKING TOGETHER OR WE ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT.

Finally, I want to present this video of a prepper who is a wise man, because he is preparing for life in case the power goes out for more than THREE DAYS.  It turns out that he has a good reason for thinking this may happen.
Many Preppers are preparing for a grid down type of disaster. An example is where the lights go off for an extended period of time. Why not prepare for a disaster since our government is so flakey. His explanation should convince you.  The main thing you have to worry about and prepare for is that the weaponized moron contractors are uniquely suited to avoid thinking ahead and their unique personality problem which makes them well suited to predating the neighbors to take their stuff.  Check out the scenario below.

I think I found a way that someone may benefit from the purchase and sale of my house.

I asked a real estate agent in Gold Beach what my house would sell for if it did not have a driveway and is land locked.  He estimated it would knock a third off the price.  This means that since I paid 145,000 for it and then I would be forced to sell it for approximately 100,000, since I have two bad neighbors.  This would leave me with a loss of 45,000 on the sale of my home.   Also, the neighbors could capitalize on an opportunity to make money by then flipping my house.  That is they could immediately purchase my  from me for $100,000 and then immediately sell the house again for a profit.   This time there would be some lovely and very friendly neighbors and the house would magically have a driveway.  Now the house is worth 145,000 plus an estimated 15,000 appreciation in real estate since the time I first purchased it.  They would sell the house for 160,000 since it appreciated 15,000.  Now the neighbors could net 60,000 or 30,000 each profit for flipping my house.  Would anyone else have any responsibility for this FRAUD. We need to go after the contractors when you can prove what you are saying and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.k

SHERIFF WARD, Curry County Sheriff
I wonder what Sheriff Ward would do if his life and his home were being attacked by these RABID SALIVATING SOCIOPATHIC CONTRACTORS. I do have college degrees in electronics engineering technology and biology. What will you do Sheriff Ward when the people wake up to your genocide agenda and find it is inline with the Global Pedophile agenda. Why wouldn’t you help people who are retired and just trying to live. The answer is because you are not a constitutional sheriff. you are operating outside the law. My neighbors blatantly and obliviously align mantelshelves to steel my property and you ignore me to present him with unconstitutional and unlawful baring me from my own driveway. I plan to challenge this in court and in city council. Fortunately I can talk for myself and write and present well. I will find out if Sheriff Ward is Constitutional or not and if not then I will be able to expose him to Oregonians

Take your bribe and ignore that anyone is being tortured to death and that you sold out your country

it seems to be legal. After all the morons have pre fabricated evidence. They have tin badges and they have shiney ID cards with golden flat puzzle piece chips embedded in them. What they are …

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Dear Fake Patriots…You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Writes Openly to FBI Infragard, “America’s Unconstitutional Fascist Brown Shirts” “Dear Fake Patriots…You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.” — Karen Stewart his is a message …

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The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report

The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report Based on “The Torture Memos” and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified “Torture Report” By Robert Duncan, A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D. 04/2015 Download: PDF, DOCX | Visit …

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NTT Torture Log for 7/(1 thru 31)/2015

Directed Energy Burn received from non-ionizing radiation, Received Monday July 6th. I was looking at my computer while sitting on my bed. I began receiving burning sensations on my chest and my head felt like it was full of water and pressurized. This was a a very intense episode of what my handler does when he wants to see better what I am looking at. The damage was done to my chest only after the burning was over with and the redness and stinging happens mostly after the radiation stops. This is not what I would have expected. I think the radiation used was SCALAR or ELF. Since the damage was delayed like a sunburn, this could have been much worse. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

note: this is a log of torture scribbling s written under duress of torture.  don’t expect it to be grammatically correct because i am not concerned with that and just trying for accuracy.  I have associate degrees in each of Electronics engineering technology and Biology and a Bachelor degree in computer science plus significant work experience. It qualifies me to at least make commentary regarding my situation as a Targeted Individual (TI)

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No Touch Torture Log For Apr. 8-16, 2015

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My handler at the 94227 house next door is the one I am having a problem with.  At night where he keeps me up by torturing me all night so I cannot sleep. He is approximately 5’8″, age about 60ish, gray hair, long gray beard, walks with a distinctly pronounced limp which causes him to do a little hop at each step, name Larry (need lastname) (need picture). I was told he owns the house, where he fouls his own nest so to speak.  This man is a sociopath, approach with extreme caution. Do not take horrific abuse from these people. We must fight back!  No one should put up with this.  This town in which I live has a population of about 1500 and these handlers have come in from adjoining states to torture me. I have heard several people comment on how the population was dwindling and now people are coming back. But I think part or maybe most are here to target me. They are renting hotel rooms and apartments. This targeting is big

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No Touch Torture Log For 12-28-14 & Biological Attack Warning Notice

images (3)Hello, My name is James Lico and I would like to make a statement about some terrible Human Experimentation and Trafficking of Targeted Individuals (TI’s) that is going on and has been going on since 9/11 at minimum. I have college degrees in each of Biology, Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Technology, with over 20 years of real work experience. I am fully qualified to report on and make observations about the horrendous experiences TI’s go through as Human Trafficking victims. The Department of Homeland Security/ICE has a Human Trafficking division which could help TI’s, yet here is yet another bureaucracy which is just there for show.

Here is a brief statement of what happened to me over Christmas holiday, covering one day. I need to tell you this in order to show how degrading is the treatment of an elderly man in his 60’s (and all TI’s really), yet these government contractors think nothing of that, strangely enough and carry on with the cruel and unusual punishment as if deserved and it was perfectly normal to torture people in their own homes.

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Targeted Individuals Are Tortured By Psychopathic Govt./Military PSYOPS Contractor Handlers

[niceyoutube id=”Muooqqqcosk” start=”1″]

I want to talk about psychopaths and would like to present this movie for you to watch if you are interested.  The movie is entitled “I Am Fishead” is a movie partly about psychopaths and how they affect society.  The second half is uplifting and will make you feel good about the positive change in society due to social networks. When only 5% to 6% of the people realize there is danger, then nearly everyone realizes it.  This is an upbeat movie with a positive message about societal issues we face.  This is a positive message for the future.

Its Thanksgiving day today and we are preparing a turkey dinner. My handler has been torturing me all morning with microwave and resonance weapons. One of them has a beam about 1 to 2 inches wide as I perceive and burns the muscles in my right arm at the elbow. It feels like a gunshot wound now due to inflammation and continued burning. They will single out one injury in particular to keep working on over and over throughout the day, while at the same time delivering one time injuries to various other parts of the body. Today I have two of the working injury spots.

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letter to Joanne Rosenberg (Voice of the customer specialist) at Auburn Hospital

Joanne Rosenberg  (Voice of the customer specialist) Auburn Multicare Hospital 202 N Division St, Auburn, WA 98002 James Lico                                 …

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RFID Scanning Of James F Lico in Sacramento CA on Jan 15-2012

I was scanned by Jesse Beltran in Sacramento CA in 2012.  Since then, I believe I have had at least one other RFID chip implanted when I was in the Auburn Memorial Hospital for kidney …

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Private Government Contractors Are Testing ELF Radiation On Citizens

Concentrated/Focused ELF radiation causes nerves to become numb and not receive the correct signals. The signals they do receive become distorted and cause the muscles to contort, sometimes painfully. I know because it happens to …

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Dr. John R. Hall, D.O.5282 Medical Drive # 200, San Antonio, Texas 78229, USAtel: 210-614-6432 email:, www.drjohnrhall.comNON-CONSENSUAL EXPERIMENTATION WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONSTO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNI am writing you on the behalf of victims …


House of Representatives to start Human Trafficking Task Force

I need to ask for some help from TI’s.  I found out that US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor heads a House Task Force on Human Trafficking (HT).  This HT task force may have been …

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U.S. Medical System & Military Involved in Non-Consensual Human Experimentation

U.S. Medical System & Military Involved in Non-Consensual Human Experimentation Posted by SHTFgirl on August 23, 2011 at 9:30pm View Blog APA’s CIA torture complicity. Is America ready for whole truth? Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner – …

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Elder Abuse Perpetrated by Mr. David Shurter on James Lico and separately on My Room Mate

This letter outlines the events and chronology of what happened in March and April of 2014.I knew Mr. Shurter from a Human Rights and Human Trafficking advocacy group and people in that group where …

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I Was Subjugated As A Threat To Others Through Human Trafficking Protocol Done To TI’s

I was sick last Tuesday and had to go to the hospital due to severe abdominal pains and later found I needed emergency surgery to remove kidney stones.  My room mate (David Shurter) called after …

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