The Mass Shootings Keep Happening Because Targeted Individuals Are Being Tortured

Mind Control induced mass shootings in America

You may or may not be surprised to hear that some mass shootings have been perpetrated by Targeted Individuals (TI”s).  TI’s are driven to a point where they can no longer take the pain of weapons testing (aka Torture).  They then suffer a break with normalcy where they will do anything to stop the Torture.   Myron May was the FSU Shooter and a self admitted Targeted Individual and under Extreme Second By Second Surveillance by an ongoing heinous and illegal CIA program.  This program is a continuation of the illegal MKULTRA and COINTELPRO programs.  We need to end this extremely invasive and horrific programs.  This extreme surveillance is electronic in nature, unfriendly and characterized by targets as Mind-Rape and Torture.  Myron May was considered a CAST IRON TARGET defined as a target which necessitates second by second monitoring by a live person remotely. 

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Is The Cell Phone Kill Switch in the Wrong Hands?

Is The Cell Phone Kill Switch in the Wrong Hands?

1, May 3, 2015 by rafflaw
[ReBlogged by James Lico]


Respectfully submitted by Lawrence E. Rafferty (rafflaw)-Weekend Contributor

You may not have heard of it before, but the government has the ability to shut off cell phone service at any time, under the guise of National Security. The Department of Homeland Security has an operating procedure known as Standard Operating Procedure 303( SOP 303) and it has been labeled as the cell phone “kill switch”.

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“Civil Rights for Cell Tower Corporations? You’ve Got to be Kidding!”

untitled“Civil Rights for Cell Tower Corporations? You’ve Got to be Kidding!”

Paul Cienfuegos’ April 21st, 2015 Commentary on KBOO Evening News

 (His weekly commentaries are broadcast every Tuesday evening. You can view or listen to them all at,, or subscribe via ITunes.)

Yesterday evening, I attended a two-hour informational meeting about T-Mobile Corporation’s imminent application to the City to mount a new cell phone antenna on a utility pole in a residential neighborhood just a few blocks from Mount Tabor. The City requires that the corporate applicant hold such an informational meeting at least 30 days before they file their application.

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No Touch Torture Log for Apr. 21 thru 24, 2015

-Vl6CgLKdg5QAQAAAA==,eyJmaXQiOjE0MCwic3F1YXJlIjp0cnVlfQ==Tue. Apr 21, 2015

4:06pm  My handler is in the 94227 house next door.  Hehas been beaming the left side of my face for the last 4 hours.  Surely hecant think Idont know where he is, soi have to assume he thinks Icant do anything nor will he ever be beaten or executed or put into a torture program for his part in torturing people in their homes.  However, he must know his every moved is being watched.

No Touch Torture Log for Apr. 7-11, 2015

545168_468170333210595_2090925556_n.jpghandler at 94227 house next door. changed location of torture box to downstairs. They are trying to bully me into compliance. I refuse to cooperate with criminals. I make this known to the ciriminals. Thay are greedy and will do just about anything to keep collecting their blood money.
These people use invasion of personal space to press forward their claim to torture. They will continue taking and taking until there is no more to take if you let them. Do not let these people go. press them at every turn. Do not threaten or report them to police, but let the police know what is happening and give them a dvd.  In other words, tell the police about them in your own time, not theirs. Chances are that as sociopaths, they will have a record and be known to the police already.  The police should see you as not a threat, but if not you can back off without giving them a chance to harm you. They will begin to open up a rapport with you and slowly learn what it is they are doing. Do not force it. Allow the authorities to investigate the sociopaths. If they are typical sociopaths they will have a record and will have been trouble makers so most of the time their background will corroborate your story. let the sociopaths show you how to beat them at their own game. These people are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work but they are not smart enough to think for themselves and they know their place. Remember that they are “ORDERTAKERS”. They Think torture is fun and enjoy inflicting pain in people. This is why they were chosen and not for any moral compunction to do good. They are moral reprobates.

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No Touch Torture Log For Apr. 8-16, 2015

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My handler at the 94227 house next door is the one I am having a problem with.  At night where he keeps me up by torturing me all night so I cannot sleep. He is approximately 5’8″, age about 60ish, gray hair, long gray beard, walks with a distinctly pronounced limp which causes him to do a little hop at each step, name Larry (need lastname) (need picture). I was told he owns the house, where he fouls his own nest so to speak.  This man is a sociopath, approach with extreme caution. Do not take horrific abuse from these people. We must fight back!  No one should put up with this.  This town in which I live has a population of about 1500 and these handlers have come in from adjoining states to torture me. I have heard several people comment on how the population was dwindling and now people are coming back. But I think part or maybe most are here to target me. They are renting hotel rooms and apartments. This targeting is big

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No Touch Torture Log For Mar. 2, 3 2015

heart1280Mar. 2,3, 2015   8:38pm

My handler is beaming and hurting my brain at this time with a resonance weapon I have a picture of his truck and license plate.     She gets off work at 7:00am so its rise and shine early for the handler for he is a nimrod among torturers.  She doesn’t think there will be any penalty for being a par excellence torturer.  The only thing though is that when you get that good and finicky about putting finishing touch’s on and giving an old man extra helpings of torture where no one would normally be so mean or brutal.

3:53am  My handler is keeping me up all night and is torturing me like an all star.  This person really enjoys the work torturing people and inducing pain and discomfort.  This person has gained access to multiple weapons and is even aiming under my bed to hurt my hip joint and other areas of the side I have facing down in the bed.  If there was an award for all star torturer, this one would win or be in the top finishing.  I wonder if they get extra money or ataboys for going above and beyond the call in order to induce that extra ounce of pain and misery.  I guess it will just have to wait until someone gets bored and wants to find someone who deserves to be presented with a medal for being a great torturer.

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This article has turned into an expose’ of Mind Control induced mass shootings in the America

Myton May was 34 Years Old at the time of his death.  He was endeavoring to break through the corruption  permeating our Government.
Myton May was 34 Years Old at the time of his death. He was endeavoring to break through the corruption permeating our Government.

Myron May was the FSU Shooter and he was also a Targeted Individual.  But he was also a very good man apparently.  He was forced to make that horrendous decision to stage  a mass shooting.   He did what he thought was the right thing for the right reasons and thought it out very carefully.  I believe that May would not consider such a drastic act if our government were a functioning Democracy instead of a Fascist State.    He could not go on living the way things were.  He chose a way and it is not the best way, but it was his way.  As a TI myself, I have to believe that May would not have shot innocent people.  The FBI released his videos (see below).

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Damage To Hotel Room Caused By Perpetrators Can Be Reported To Management.

Targeted Individuals are subjected to what DOD calls Clandestine Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating (CTTL)

This is a little rough  and can be improved.  I am just publishing it for TI use right now.  Please read it and let me know if you have helpful suggestions.

My handlers of the last three days have been doing something that betrays their stupidity. As is usually the case they saw something that freaked me out and ran with it to do the same thing at every hotel I stay in. What they did was to absolutely soak the bathroom in the chemical they put everywhere. The main thing about this is that you don’t notice anything with the lights on. But using a black light (UV) it looks like an absolute horror show. There is Bright Florescent Yellow dribbles down the wall covering the entire wall and also the ceiling too!
You may think that this there is not anything that can be done but you would be wrong. I am going to put this into the TI 911 help line as a problem with a reasonable solution. The perps noticed that I was angry, but they should not be so hasty to equate anger with fear. I do not fear them. To me they are criminal goons and thugs (garbage, cowards, torturers) masquerading as patriots.

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No Touch Torture Log for Jan 11&12, 2014

Private Government Contractors Track, Hunt and Torture Their Prey Covertly
Private Government Contractors Track, Hunt and Torture Their Prey Covertly As They Are Trafficked By The Government. ITS A PARTY!


First, I am a Targeted Individual.  I am also a Human Trafficking Victim just as surely as any human being who is kept subjugated for the use by overlords to enrich themselves.  I am being irradiated in my hotel room at the Extended Stay America Hotel at 1260 loop rd. in Alameda CA near the Oakland Air Port.  by someone in rm 215 right above my room (115).  The video is a bit long and probably boring so you dont’ have to listen to all of it.  This is supposed to be documentary in nature to log the information about illegal Torture with human experimentation to test directed energy weapons for the Air Force DEBR contract.  I believe this DEBR contract is only one of a number of contracts my handler is reporting data for.  One thing I realized is that someone being tortured cannot be expected to have a professional video, so I gave myself permission to take it slow and pause if I needed to.  Now I see they ruined my video so I did not upload it.  I plays too fast and without sound.

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Photos Of Directional Meter, Chemicals And Shielding To Help TI’s

chemicals on glasses.  Notice splash marks and spatter to determine direction of chemical depot on wall or flat surface.
chemicals on glasses. Notice splash marks and spatter to determine direction of chemical depot on wall or flat surface.

Here are photos which I would like to talk about that may help you in mitigating ill effects of torture 

These pictures are of
(1)** chemicals spattered onto my glasses.  Sometimes I have to keep wiping them off, only to have the chemicals spattered back on them by my handler.  It happens when i watch TV, use the computer, sitting still anywhere & anytime in my house.  Look close and you can see that all of the droplet marks are similar in shape and texture even though the size varies.  You will see a rainbow colored sheen similar gasoline reflecting and refracting light on water with good lighting.  They get the chemical in my eyes because blood vessels in the eyes are on the surface and infusion is almost immediate.  Here is an article more specifically on the chemicals alone if you are interested:

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No Touch Torture Log For 12-28-14 & Biological Attack Warning Notice

images (3)Hello, My name is James Lico and I would like to make a statement about some terrible Human Experimentation and Trafficking of Targeted Individuals (TI’s) that is going on and has been going on since 9/11 at minimum. I have college degrees in each of Biology, Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Technology, with over 20 years of real work experience. I am fully qualified to report on and make observations about the horrendous experiences TI’s go through as Human Trafficking victims. The Department of Homeland Security/ICE has a Human Trafficking division which could help TI’s, yet here is yet another bureaucracy which is just there for show.

Here is a brief statement of what happened to me over Christmas holiday, covering one day. I need to tell you this in order to show how degrading is the treatment of an elderly man in his 60’s (and all TI’s really), yet these government contractors think nothing of that, strangely enough and carry on with the cruel and unusual punishment as if deserved and it was perfectly normal to torture people in their own homes.

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Request To Add Sensible Preliminary Investigation To Avoid Perception Of Corruption

In some of my blog posts I document my abuse with electromagnetic weapons via No Touch Torture, by giving times, dates and what is happening such like the following real example:   7:50pm on Christmas eve and my handler is hurting my penis with a resonance weapon as part of anon going 24/7 torture regimond.  I am asking every man and woman if this is what you want to have happen to innocent citizens in America or anywhere for that matter.   These weapons are lethal and barbaric to torture people with.  Apparently it is okay for psychopaths to use ‘see through wall’ technology to attack citizens in their homes.

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The TI’s PMC Handler Can Perform Malicious Cauterization Surgery

yes, it is true that the handler can operate on you just like mad doctor. These weapons are like the cauterization instruments that a skilled surgion might use. However they are in the hands of knuckle dragging psychopaths and sociopaths who torture for a living.  The mad doctor will take almost any form of payment, … Read more…

No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 2014

Note: I can hear the hum of electric frequencies in my head. I dont believe the sound is from my ears because no one else can hear it.
I have college degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology plus significant work history in each field.  I proved that this chemical electrolyte is used in the way i am reporting.  my symptoms are Miosis or pin point pupils, itching, burning skin, especially the scrotum, loose or runny bowel movements and ear ringing.  These are physical symptoms that go along with observed physical events perpetrated on me by my handler.  I would think people would want to know and mitigate this.  By all means, do not believe me, but prove it to yourself.  My article on chemical electrolyte used on TI’s explains how to prove it to yourself.  If you prove it to yourself, you will be convinced too.  There can be no doubt about for me, that this chemical electrolyte is used on me at least for the reasons I have stated and I am sure there are reasons I dont know about.  For instance the chemical formula would be nice to know because it seems like poison in that it makes me sick and causes the symptoms i mentioned.

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No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2014

No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2014

Note: I have college degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology and years of field work experience. This allows me to make educated observations about what is happening to me and other Targeted Individuals (TI). The information in this log is supposed to be made reported in my blog on a daily basis.

My handler is keeping me up all night again as usual now for the past two weeks. This is sleep deprivation in addition to the torture with electromagnetic weapons. at this time the handler is hitting me in the left side of my neck with a beam type weapon. As a punitive measure they are now hitting me in the back of my head with this weapon.

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No Touch Torture Log for Wed. Oct. 8, 9, 2014

I have degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology so I am qualified to make these observations.   I am being careful to keep my statements factual.  Keep in mind that there is a lot of false information on this subject, pu there purposfulley to discredit the people who suffer  this experimentation.  They have factual information mixed with enough false information to discredit all targeted individuals.

Unethical CIA Non-Consensual Human Experimentation On Innocent Americans Covered-UP

This is documented testimony given at the Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experimentation, Washington D.C., March 15, 1995… President Clinton was president at that time. There were an estimated 400,000 victims of MKULTRA from the 1950’s through the 1970’s when it was supposedly stopped. President Clinton apologized for this.  Isnt there a warranty on Clinton’s apology, because it has been forgotten and  MKULTRA Human Trafficking is back with a vengence? How come there is no media coverage for President Clinton’s apology for torture crimes against humanity?  No media coverage is why most people have not heard of CIA’s Human Trafficking exploits.  Here we have the President of the United States taking time out to make an official apology for non consensual human experimentation and trafficking, some of which exceeds the criteria for crimes against humanity and the mainstream media is silent.

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No Touch Torture log for Monday 10-6-14

Sadly this so called human being who is my handler is beaming the tendons in my right foot right in back of the ball of my foot. this has been going on and off since 5:00am this morning. If you are reading this, yes it is really happening to many thousands of people. I have college degrees in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer science. Also, I have work experience in all three.

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